Top Tips For The Perfect Rabbit Home & Some Diet Myths Busted!

Keeping rabbits healthy is not a difficult task, let’s break it down real simple: Start with their home – the hutch. Large rabbit hutches are important not just for allowing rabbits to have lots of space to exercise and play in, but also sleep in too. We would hate to be cramped up in tiny…

Rabbit at the Veterinarian's Office

Pet Rabbits – Vet Care Is Vital

Many people get a rabbit for a pet, thinking they can just put it in a cage. They take it out on the rare occasions they feel like it. But that isn’t very beneficial for the rabbit and provides the pet owner with more problems in the long run. Rabbits are not mechanical toys. They…

Rabbits Eating Greens

Pet Rabbits – The Proper Diet

What is ‘proper’ in a rabbit’s diet depends on what kind of creature it is. And since rabbits are herbivores, they need to be fed exclusively plant material – grains, vegetables and the occasional fruit. Rabbits need substantial grassy fiber and a good deal of vegetable protein. They have fairly delicate digestive systems and they…

Rabbit Pair

Pet Rabbits – Spaying and Neutering

Rabbits reach sexual maturity at about age six months. It varies somewhat by breed. Spaying is the surgical procedure carried out on females in which their mature organs are removed, neutering involves removing the testes of the male but not the penis – neutering is not the same as full castration. There are pros and…

Rabbit Blood Work

Pet Rabbits – Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease (RHD)

RHD or Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease is a condition that may occur in domestic rabbits. Some signs are easy to detect, such as a foamy, bloody nasal discharge or flipping excitedly inside their cage. Symptoms do vary and include lethargy, rapid and substantial weight loss, and others. Regrettably, it’s often the case that by the time…

Rabbit Hutch

Pet Rabbits – Rabbit Cage Guidelines

Domestic rabbits spend most of their lives in a cage. That sometimes strike people as sad, but the rabbits don’t seem to mind too much. Unlike dogs or other pets, they don’t rebel at the cage, so much as see it as a safe haven. Rabbits like warrens. But there is one difference between a…

Little Girl with Rabbit

Pet Rabbits – Pet Rabbits and Children

Parents will often get a rabbit specifically as a pet for their child. Your child looks at you with those big eyes and says ‘please’ and the rabbit comes home. But rabbits are unlike cats or dogs and don’t react the same way to child behavior. Rabbits have abilities that evolved in the species over…

Veterinarian Clipping Rabbit's Nails

Pet Rabbits – Nail Care Tips

Trimming your rabbit’s nails can be a trial. Rabbits are akin to small dogs in that they tend to be fairly high strung. As prey for so many larger species, they evolved to be on a constant look out for danger. Even though they’re safe and well protected in your home, those instincts are still…

Homemade Rabbit Hutch

Pet Rabbits – Making Your Own Rabbit Cage

Many people find large, commercial rabbit cages beyond their budget. A rabbit benefits from a cage that is at least six times his body area, apart from the space required for a litter box. For most, that means something at least 2 feet by 3 feet, plus space for the box. But that’s the minimum.…