Pet Friendly License Plates


Show your support for the Baltimore Humane Society and promote animal welfare everywhere you go with a Show your support for the Baltimore Humane Society and promote animal welfare everywhere you go with a BHS License Plate.

To get yours, please call at 410-833-8848 x212 or email:  You will be sent the official MVA Application in the mail. Return the completed application along with a $75 payment to: BHS License Plate.

Baltimore Humane Society
ATTN: License Plate
1601 Nicodemus Road
Reisterstown, MD 21136

You will receive your new license plate in the mail within 6-8 weeks.

Maryland Pet Friendly License Plates

State of Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA)– The Maryland “Spay and Neuter” license plate costs $50, of which $25 is tax deductible for the buyer. A plate can be obtained by mailing a $25 check to the any Maryland Shelter registered with the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration. The organization will then return a signed application to you, which you then be present to a local office of the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration with the remaining $25 of the $50 fee. MVA will send the ordered license plate by mail. The cost is $25 for each following year. It is suggested that you contact your local Humane Society or Shelter to check if they are a registered participant in the program, and to confirm details before mailing in your check.

Virginia Pet Friendly License PlatesState of Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (VA DMV) – Revenue Sharing: As a revenue sharing plate $15.00 of the $25.00 fee is transferred to the locality in which the vehicle is registered after sale of the first 1,000 plates. These funds are paid annually and shall be used by the localities to support sterilization programs for dogs and cats. The License Plate Order Form is available online.

Delaware Pet Friendly License Plates

State of Delaware – This link is to the State Site, as there is currently no online DMV site. For information about Delaware\’s animal friendly license plate program, contact the state\’s Division of Motor Vehicles at 302-744-2510.

There are no pet friendly license plate programs for the District of Columbia or West Virginia. Pennsylvania offers license plates to help support local animal shelters.