Weird And Wonderful Facts About Birds

Did you know that there are around 10,000 different bird species on planet Earth? From elegant swans and talkative parrots to inquisitive robins and majestic eagles, birds are fascinating creatures. If you’re keen to learn more about birds, or you’re considering bringing a feathered friend into the family, here are some weird and wonderful facts. …


6 Ways to Keep Indoor Pet Birds Safe

Birds have an unmatched talent in their ability to create a symphony of songs, unlike any other creature on Earth.  Birds of all species easily capture the attention of pet owners with amazing plumage. They have some of the most beautiful color schemes of any animal on our planet.  Flight and feathers are equally fascinating…


Keeping Your Parrot Safe During the Holiday Period

Christmas is a great time for families and friends, but it can be a hazardous time for parrots if you don’t plan ahead.  So what risks at home should you look out for with the festivities approaching? Real Christmas trees Parrots love trees, after all, it’s where many of their ancestors originate from. However, it’s…


Can Birds Be Emotional Support Animals?

Using animals as a form of rehabilitative therapy or treatment for a mental health disorder has been becoming increasingly common again in recent years. The practice of using an animal in health and wellness treatments dates back to the late 1700s. However, as people become more socially conscious, the practice has become popular once more.…


2 Top Garden Tips For Being More Self-Sustainable

With the state of our environment becoming an ever increasing concern, there has never been a better time to try and integrate some changes into our day to day life to be more environmentally thoughtful. Here are some super simple tips on how we can all try to be a little more self-sustainable and make…


The Many Benefits of Bird Watching

With the headcount of birdwatchers increasing day by day, one gets a reason to wonder what it is about this plain activity that makes it a favorite of a lot of people. You might not be a ‘typical’ nature-lover; however, pursuing this one activity for a few days can hook you. While you can’t exactly…

Senegal Parrot

The Senegal Parrot

If you want a bird that is playful, affectionate and colorful, you may want to take a close look at the Senegal parrot. Although the Senegal comes from Africa, this bird is not quite as vocal or as intelligent as the African grey. However, Senegals can easily learn to speak twenty to thirty phrases in…

Quaker Parrot

The Quaker Parrot

If you live in a warm climate, you may have noticed a big flock of noisy gray and green parrots flying about. These birds are Quaker parrots, a popular pet for many bird lovers. Because Quakers are so hardy, they have colonized in quite a few spots, including Florida and California. These little guys can…

Pionus Parrot

The Pionus Parrot

So, you want a parrot, but you’re concerned about all of the stories you’ve heard about aggressive, moody birds. Isn’t there a mild mannered, quiet parrot out there? Well, while each bird is an individual, overall the Pionus parrot is a sweet natured bird. Some Pionus species are a bit loud, but even those birds…