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Why You Should Get A Fish

Pets, in general, are a great addition to a home. They love you as much as you love them, sometimes more. They cheer you up whenever you feel sad, and provide endless amusement. And not all animals that do those things are four-legged and fluffy. They can be scaley, snouted, winged, eight-legged, even water bound. Pets have an amazing effect on our lives.

And fish can be that amazing pet. They might not run up to you as you walk through the door, or notice you’re there most of the time, but they can still be fantastic pets, and here’s why.


Fish are relatively low-maintenance pets. As long as you keep their tanks clean, the water fresh and the fish fed, they pretty much just look after themselves. They are great for if you work a lot as they don’t need constant attention or supervision, obviously if you’re away for days you’ll need someone to come in a feed them. Keeping their tanks fresh with new plants keeps the water clean and can provide your fish with the right waterborne nutrients that they need. Both freshwater and saltwater supplies can be found easily, and don’t have to cost the moon. You just need to make sure that you have the right sized tank, the right heaters or filters, and the right habitat for your chosen fish and you’re good to go.


They can also be beautiful creatures. Saltwater fish tend to be more colorful due to their tropical reefs, but there are some truly beautiful specimens in both habitats. Look at Koi fish; they are huge, dazzling creatures which have inspired centuries of artists. A well-designed tank can really light up a room. You can create one that fits into your home seamlessly and adds that mysterious and intriguing touch. We as a species are always intrigued by things we know little about, and one of the biggest unknown territories on this earth is the ocean. Over 80% of is is unexplored, and no one knows how many types of creatures live in the waters of our would. So having a little bit of that magic in your home can be incredible.


Going back to the Koi fish, one of the reasons they are so prised is because of the relaxing and calming effect they have. You can stop and watch them and get lost in their slow, tranquil movements. The same as a fish tank, or home pond. It’s a way to get lost looking at a world so unlike our own.It’s the same reason why humans find sounds of the waves, or whale noises so relaxing. Why the sounds of a forest or the rustle of trees can be so calming. Nature is relaxing, and you can bring that into your home – a whole world of peace and tranquillity can sit in a room of your house, and be nothing but beneficial to you.


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