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What To Do To Help Your Pet Manage Pain

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Unfortunately, our pets have to go through pain as a part of their life. If only we could take away what they’re feeling, we would. How horrible is it for our dogs to experience pain and have no clue what’s going on at all? All they know is that they’re in pain. That’s why they need all the love and support they’re going to get so that they can get through the pain.  

Now, you might be thinking, what can you do to help your pet manage pain? Listed below are the things that you could do for your furry four-legged friend:


 When it comes to joint supplement for dogs or any pet you have, many veterinarians believe that natural supplements are the safest approach to treatment and it may also treat the disorder itself, rather than merely treating the symptoms. These natural supplements are effective for many dogs and have a low risk of serious side effects. 

It’s still best that you consult with your veterinarian to ensure the safety of your pet taking a supplement. Listed below are the sample supplements that can help your dog manage pain:  

Chondroitin and Glucosamine: Arthritis in pets has many different causes. Pets with bone tumors or those with hip dysplasia are at an increased risk of developing osteoarthritis, which can be extremely painful. The best thing about glucosamine is that it can slow the degeneration of bone tissue. Furthermore, glucosamine may also help improve joint mobility. This is because it’ll help improve the cartilage’s thickness. 

When your pet has an injury or illness, these two nutrients can help them recover faster. If you’re looking for a good supplement, look for a brand that has both chondroitin and glucosamine. 

Fish Oil: Omega 3 fish oil is among the most frequently used supplements in veterinary medicine today. The use of Omega 3 supplements for pets are essential because these are the essential fats that make up the health of the brain, eyes, and heart. Young pets can greatly benefit from eye and brain development. It can also benefit their immune system and the heart rate. 

Take note that too many of these fatty acids can also be harmful to your pet’s health and can cause the pet’s gums to become inflamed. Additionally, too much intake of these fatty acids can also cause the pet’s skin to become dry and irritated. This causes the skin to lose its natural glow and color. Thus, it’s recommended that you consult with your veterinarian on the correct dosage intake of fish oil for your pet.  


When we feel pain in our bodies, we just want to stay in our beds for as much as possible to help our bodies recover the pain and eventually feel better again. Just like humans, our pets need to have their much-needed rest to speed up their recovery and make them feel good about their bodies.  

While they’re taking the most time that they need to recover, let’s not try to push them to go out for a walk when they don’t feel like it. If you’re going to take them out for a walk, you should make it as short as possible and put them back in their crate or confined area so that they could continue to rest and recover.  

Holistic Treatment 

It’s important to note that what works for one pet doesn’t guarantee that it’s going to work for all pets. Holistic treatment is helpful and beneficial for your pets as it’s an exterior way of helping them feel better without having to take medicines that they hate. However, holistic treatments are only recommended for pets who can stay still during vet visits. 

Here are the different kinds of holistic treatments for your pets: 

However, this might be a new experience for them, hence they might be thinking that they’re taking too many vaccines at a time. So, to ensure their safety, your pet should stay still when getting the procedure done. 

After acquiring injury, your pet should go through physical rehab and exercise to help them go back to their normal routine. Along with this, it also helps alleviate the pain, making them more comfortable. 

Depending on the injury of your pet, you can take them for short walks on the road or treadmill, or you can massage them to make them feel better. However, in severe cases, a pet rehabilitation therapist would be the best option for you to ensure that they’re recovering well and on track.  


As much as we hate it and want to wish it away, we can’t instantly free our pets from pain. What we can do, however, is to provide them the maximum support that we can give so they’ll be able to recover faster. Let’s try not to bug them so much and give them the rest that they need. Provide healthy food and water near them so they could still receive the proper nutrition.  

Along with all of the treatments and medications you can provide for your pet, you should also give them the most love that they need. This is a tough time for them and they need to feel that you’re with them to support and love them all the time. Allowing them to feel love will help them feel better, which will promote faster recovery.

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