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What Items Do Every New Dog Owner Need

You may think that owning a dog is simple and that it’s just as easy as picking a dog and then away you go. However, there are several items that you will need in order to make things easier and more relaxed for both you, your family and your new dog. Along with the normal necessities like having the correct walking equipment, feeding equipment and arranging vet visits for inoculations, there are gadgets and equipment that you may want for the home. Not to mention the custom dog shirts, bags and phone cases you will soon be ordering!

Have a look at some of the items you may need as a new dog owner:

[spacer height=”10px”]Pet Gate

If you’ve owned a dog before you will know and remember that the puppy stages and potty training can be exhausting and tedious, to say the least. You can’t be with them twenty-four hours a day so therefore they need to be restricted to certain areas when you’re out. If you’re not going to using a crate, then a pet gate could prove handy. It will allow you to cut off certain areas of your home and help prevent accidents on your expensive rugs and carpets when you’re out of the house. It’s also recommended to keep your pets to a small space when you’re not home, it helps to reduce stress and keep them calm. 

Chew Toys

Think of a puppy and you should be thinking of a baby. And that means teething. That’s right puppies are teething so they are prone to chewing your furniture, loose items around the house and sometimes even flooring. There have been thousands of stories about puppies eating things they shouldn’t resulting in emergency trips to the vets. In order to avoid these situations as much as possible invest in some decent chew toys, make sure they are puppy friendy, by this, we mean that they are going to survive their teeth longer than five minutes. 

Training Pads

We’ve already touched on the fact that puppies go through potty training. They can be fairly simple to train and do grasp the concept fairly quickly especially if they are being walked as much as they should be and have been led in the right direction with where they can do their business in the yard. Some people highly recommend training pads as they ave a special scent in them to help draw the puppy closer and closer to the area where you’re happy with them completing their business. You will also like the fact that they are ultra-absorbent so this means less mess. Be aware that some puppies will miss the pads when they first arrive home as they are only hunting for the smell, not a pinpoint location so they may need a helping hand to get their aim right. 

These are just a few of the items that anew dog owner will need. Do you know any others that should be on this list? Please share them in the comments section below. 


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