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What is the Best Age to Commence Training Your Dog?


There isn’t a defined reason why humans love a dog as their pet. No words can account for the love and care your pet bestows upon you. And this affection cannot be taken for granted as it is invaluable. It takes a marginal amount of time to help build a strong bond with your pet. 

Simultaneously, training the pet helps in teaching the commands to follow and teaching him or her to be docile at actions. And to your surprise, the training tricks and techniques are made easy to learn online at many institutes. One such renowned institute is Spirit Dog Training.

Why Train Your Dog?

Training helps in establishing a closer connection with your pet. Statistics show that owners with behaviorally sound pets get more satisfaction and have a stronger bond with their dogs. An active and trained dog can be of great help in socializing and community-building. Socially well-mannered pets are less aggressive and easy to manage.

The following points discuss when the training should commence:

What do Veterinarians Suggest?

As per trainers and veterinarians, puppies must begin training as soon as they are old enough to have all their vaccines and boosters. Most of the puppies need time to acclimatize to the surroundings around them, and that throws a light on what behavioral issues they may face. 

The AVSAB (American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior) suggests that, in general, puppies should start with the training schedule as early as seven to eight weeks of age. And appropriate vaccinations must be provided to the puppies throughout the training sessions.

Why is Online Training the Best Solution?

It is understood that busy schedules at work prevent us from teaching our puppies with leisure and ease. Therefore, online training is the best solution when you have a pet that is reactive during social situations, and there is no trainer available closeby. 

It is true that step-by-step instructions will help you train your dog in a stipulated period. In short, courses like Spirit Dog Training effectively discourse all the techniques online to make your pet follow your commands obediently.

Why is Age-wise Training a Must?

As per the experts, dogs have a limited life span, and they outgrow in a concise duration. Hence, training as per their age is imperative. If a puppy is six or eight weeks old, he or she is mature enough to understand the necessary instructions. And gradually, the training process should be changed to help your pet learn advanced instructions with ease. This helps in managing your pet effortlessly when socializing.

What Should Your Pet Learn?

There are various basic commands that your pet needs to learn at an early age. They include loose leash walking, not to be reactive, to come when called, to play with Frisbee, to fetch, to be confident and less shy, to play brain games, and basic obedience. All these training tricks can be learned online at your convenience. It will be easier for you to understand the course and you can perform the same with your dog as well.

Your pet is your ‘bestie’ for life. Hence, training him or her at the right time with the right purpose will help you in establishing a strong relationship over the years.

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