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What Are the Basic Needs of Healthy Horses?

If horse keepers want to keep their horses healthy, they should be able to identify the signs and symptoms that indicate ill health and injury. Early detection can save both owner and animal from undue stress. If your horse is to maintain good health, then you need help from equine professionals such as veterinarian, trainer, and farrier.  Here at UK horse health,  you will find some basic guidelines that can help you to have a healthy horse.

Every horse needs these four basic needs for its survival.




Horses belong to herd, meaning that their well-being is essential in interacting with other horses in a group. Although it can be challenging at times to balance personality types, allowing your horse to socialize with other horses within a herd will help to maintain its overall and well-being.


While it is important to know the basic needs of your horse, other factors will help your horse not only to survive but also to thrive. Here are some other factors to consider.

Professional Care

Your horse will need regular check-ups if it is to maintain its health; for this, your horse will need a veterinarian and farrier. The normal check-up is once per year with the vet or twice if your horse is a senior.  The vet will assist you in creating a schedule for vaccination, dental and deworming, tailored specifically for your horse. The farrier assists with hoof health, working with your farrier and maintaining the schedule is essential to the optimal health of your horse.  Your veterinarian and farrier will guide you in the right direction regarding your horse’s health; work with them to achieve this. Read more here on general health:


At times, your horse may need supplements to help maintain its health.  Supplements support healthy hoofs, resilient joints, proper digestion and a shiny coat. Not all horses are the same. Some may need supplement while others may not.  It is your responsibility as an owner to ensure the optimal health and well- being of your horse.


As an owner, you may find great satisfaction in working with your horse. However, you can hire a professional to assist you. A reliable trainer has the skills needed to help you improve on your working-time with your horse, ensuring a more productive, safer, less stressful and fun time for both you and your horse.

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