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Welcoming Feathered Friends to Your Home: Essential Considerations for Bird Owners

Did you know that there has been a surge in demand for chickens in recent months? Keeping birds has long been popular, but more and more people are choosing to welcome a feathered friend to their home. If you’re looking for chickens for your backyard, or you’re thinking about getting a pet parrot or parakeet or buying a budgerigar, here are some essential considerations to bear in mind. 


Birds require space. Whether you plan to keep chickens outside, or you’re looking forward to having pet birds in your living room, you need to make sure you have sufficient space available. Indoor birds should live in cages that are large enough to enable them to spread their wings fully and move around freely, while outdoor pets should have room to stroll around and sleep comfortably. Check room measurements, research different types of birds to see how much space they need and make sure you double-check sizes before you place any online orders for cages, pens, chicken coops or aviaries. 


As a pet owner, it’s your duty to ensure your feathered or furry friends have access to the food they need to thrive. Look for nutritious, all-natural feed ingredients and ask your vet if you’re unsure which type of feed is best for your new pet. There is an array of brands available, and different products are suited to different species. It can be tempting to treat your pets and offer them morsels of your dinner or tasty snacks, but try to avoid handing out human foods. Birds may not be able to digest the foods you eat, and some ingredients can be toxic. As well as ensuring your pets have access to nutritious, balanced meals, you should also provide grit to help the birds break up their food and a supply of fresh water. 

Health Checks

All pet owners should be aware of their responsibilities in terms of health checks and routine appointments. Depending on the type of pet bird you have, you may need to see your vet periodically. It’s also important to keep an eye on your pets so that you’re able to detect any changes in their behavior or take action quickly if they’re not eating normally or they seem to be struggling with drinking or moving around. It’s best to get your pets checked out if you do have any concerns, as some conditions can cause rapid deterioration in birds. 


Some birds are not interested in human contact, communication or affection, but others respond positively to interaction and playing. If you have a parrot or a budgie, for example, you may find that your pets are eager to chat, they enjoy seeing you and playing with you and they like attention. It’s beneficial to devote time to sociable pets and to keep them stimulated and entertained using toys when you’re not around. 

Are you thinking about welcoming a feathered friend to your home? If so, it’s essential to consider these factors, seek advice and conduct research before you make a decision. 

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