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Unique Gifts to Give a Dog Lover

The longer you know someone, the harder it becomes to buy them new presents, as you’ve likely already bought them everything they could want. You need to start approaching gift-giving from a different angle. It makes sense to buy them something related to their favourite thing in the world – and in the case of a dog lover, this will be their pet. But what exactly do you get someone who loves their four-legged friend? What’s a special and unique present that’s also somehow canine-related? We’re here to help you with this predicament. Read on and find out what are the best gifts to give a dog lover.

Dog Sofas

One of the main struggles of having a pet is them destroying your house. Dog hair and dirty pawprints get everywhere, plus their claws tend to get trapped in material; so, when they try tugging them out, it gets torn apart. Be extra thoughtful with your gift to a dog lover and buy them a dog sofa. These come in a great variety and can genuinely match the furniture in your home. Plus, they can make a dog feel like a member of the family, whilst saving your actual sofa from damaging.

Customizable Blankets

One of the best things about having a dog is cuddling it. So, why not take this a step further and buy a dog lover a handmade blanket which is printed with a picture of their favourite pet? They’re ultra-soft and perfect for wrapping around yourself on cold evenings, plus they’re completely unique. All you do is send in a picture of the dog in question and it’ll get printed onto the fabric. Woof Blankets create these soft fleece blankets using state-of-the-art technology and all the best quality materials, so they’re a great company to use if you want to buy something truly special for your loved one.

Pawprint Kits

This is the perfect gift for someone who loves their dog like a child. With these kits, you can imprint your pet’s paw in some clay to keep forever. Doing so every couple of years also means you can keep track of how much your dog has grown. It’s an incredibly thoughtful present for someone who wants a lasting keepsake of their pet, even after they’re gone.

Personalized Dog Tag

This is a great present for both the dog and the owner. You can get dog tags hand stamped with your dog’s name (or a phrase of your choice) from websites like Etsy and come in a variety of styles. These are made from aluminium, meaning they’re tarnish-resistant and attractive. Plus, you can have your phone number stamped on the underside, so your puppy can find its way home should it ever get lost. As such, this is the perfect present for any dog-lover.

And there you have some great ideas for unique gifts you can give a dog lover. Buying something that is both personal and practical is key to delighting your recipient.

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