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Two Important Reasons You Should Use Dog Food Toppers

Are you having a hard time making your pet finish all their food? Or perhaps you are wondering how you can improve their diet and add nutritional value to it.  The simple solution that works almost all the time is adding food toppers in their meals. Many options depend on flavor, type, and nutrition, which all work as perfect dog food toppers for picky eaters. 

What are dog food toppers?

As the name suggests, dog food toppers are food additives for combining with your pet’s regular food or diet. It has different forms like freeze-dried nuggets to raw meat like salmon and chicken.

Why should you use dog food toppers?

Meal toppers are not new to the world of food for your pets. However, it has surprisingly taken a massive boom in 2019, making its way as one of the top key trends, as discussed at the Global Pet Expo.  So why has it become so popular for dog owners everywhere, and should you be joining? Well, it is because toppers come with a lot of benefits that both you and your dog can enjoy. Here are the two top benefits of using dog food toppers:

Additional Nutrients

Like any food, the dog food you are giving your dog comes with its nutritional value and health benefits. However, if you look at its ingredients, you will find that the diet you are giving your dog might not be enough.  If you ever look at the list of ingredients on the dog food you are using, you will see the components arranged according to weight. This weight is usually each ingredient’s weight before cooking, which means the actual protein your dog is getting might not suffice. All the moisture that the ingredients meet when cooked can significantly reduce its protein value, resulting in a carbohydrate diet instead of protein.

Adding dog food toppers packed with protein and vitamins can significantly improve your pet’s diet. Since most toppers are raw and uncooked, it maintains its nutritional value.  Plus, since it did not undergo cooking, it boasts a chemical-free formula to ensure that your pet is safe from any harmful or toxic ingredients.

Additional Flavor

Your dogs are like humans too. And sometimes, they do not want to eat the food you are serving them because it does not taste good for them.  As a dog parent, you want what is best for your pet and to help them enjoy their meal. Well, dog food toppers are full of nutrients, and it also comes with a lot of flavors that your pets can enjoy.  If your little pet only likes to eat certain types of food or flavors, there are tons of dog food toppers for picky eaters that you can try using. You can test between raw food and freeze-dried nuggets, or mix and match to see what your pet would like best. 

Using food toppers can help your dog eat more, helping you give them a well-balanced diet while they are enjoying their food, Plus, you can finally rest comfortably knowing your dogs are eating well, and you do not have to waste time begging them to eat their food. 

With these two benefits, it is apparent why using meal toppers is now a massive trend in the world of pets. If you are curious about trying it out, check out the online stores that offer and deliver different types of food toppers for pets so you can find out more. 

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