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Training the Nipping Out of Your Puppy


Who wouldn’t want a new puppy? They are cute, they are cuddly, they are hilarious. But, just because you get a puppy doesn’t mean that it is all easy. If you’ve ever had a puppy before, you know that they have a habit of nipping and nibbling at you, and even though their teeth are not large or sharp enough to do any damage, it’s a habit that you need to train out of them. 

It makes sense as to why your puppy would think that biting means playtime. After all, they spent their early few weeks nibbling with their brothers and sisters, but this play is not the same type of play for people, so they need to learn that teeth and skin are not the right combination. 

Treat Training

Your puppy loves treats; there’s no doubt about it. You can train biting habits by using the treat training method. 

This involves taking a treat and wrapping your hands around it. Your puppy will likely try to paw, reach, and even bite at you to get the treat, but you must never let it go if it does this. Instead, wait for them to calm down and pull the nose away from your hand. Only then should you give them the treat. 

This method teaches them that they need to be patient, and they cannot ‘force’ you to give them a treat. By learning that biting will not get them what they want, they will fall out of the habit of biting, which should remove it altogether, even in play. 

Bed Training

If treatment training doesn’t work out as hoped, you can train your puppy that it is not acceptable to bite by moving them to their bed or crate every time they nip and bite you. 

Over time, they will see this as a punishment, and they should associate such punishment with their biting actions. It’s essential to tell the whole household to do this, as your puppy shouldn’t get away with biting some but not others. As long as everybody is consistent, the biting should cease. 

Why This Is Important

You don’t want to encounter any dog bite lawsuits once your puppy grows into an adult dog. So, while your puppy’s little nips and nibbles here and there won’t cause too much damage, they could if you don’t train it out of them. 

You want your family, friends, and even strangers to get close to your dog without worrying they could get nipped at. So, training bad habits out of your dog will ensure you can take them out without fear of any accidents happening, ensuring happiness for you and your little furry friend. 

Well Trained

A well-trained dog is not something that happens naturally, you need to put in the work to ensure they are well-behaved in a variety of different environments and situations. With biting and nipping being one of the most significant issues for puppies, this is something you should focus on before it becomes a major problem.

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