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Top Tips For Training Your Golden Retriever

Once you have brought home your golden retriever, and have made him comfortable to the new surroundings, you have to begin training your golden retriever. In fact the sooner you start the training, the easier will it be for both you and your pet to lead a comfortable and happy life.

Training is very important for your golden retriever. With training they will understand what is an acceptable action and what is an undesirable action. Dogs usually judge their actions on the response that they get for their actions. Good responses encourage them, and bad ones don’t, so you have to be forthright in expressing yourself to your dog.

Handy Tips On Training Your Golden Retriever

– Different people would have different needs for a dog. If you are training your dog, decide on a desirable behavior code for your dog from the first day itself. Judge for yourself what you would prefer your dog to do and then zero in on training your golden retriever accordingly.

– From the very first phase, praise your dog for desirable behavior, or discourage him for an undesirable one. For example, if your golden retriever puppy is playing with your kid and fetches a ball, praise him. You may like him to perform such tasks and therefore he has to understand that. On the other hand, if he is littering around, discourage him and teach him the right way to release himself. In this way you can begin training your golden retriever puppy.

– Many a times, you may need to be very stern with your golden retriever puppy as well, especially if your puppy is being particularly naughty.

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