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Top Dog: Which Breed Suits You and Your Life?

There is no doubt that choosing a dog can be a very difficult decision. With so many different options out there, it can seem a little overwhelming and you will want to choose one that suits you and your lifestyle. Well, this article will take a look at some of the most popular dog breeds out there and the qualities that they have. Before you settle on a breed, it is worth doing plenty of research so you know what their typical characteristics are like, what sort of food they will usually eat, and how best to look after them. Here are some of the most commonly owned dogs out there which may give you a helping hand in making your mind up.

Family Friendly Dogs

Right at the top of the list, Labradors are a dog that families can’t seem to get enough of. One of the main reasons for this is that they are well-known as being loyal and loving. Families with young kids find that they can really be great with them. Not only this, they are also renowned as being very intelligent so they are easier to train than other varieties. Add all of this together and it is no wonder they remain so popular!

Another option, Cocker Spaniels are great-looking dogs that a lot of people love. But as well as being one of the most attractive dog breeds, they also have a host of other positive characteristics including being adaptable to a range of living situations, and affectionate towards the whole family. They also have bags of energy so you and the kids will need to be ready to keep up!

Easily Trainable Dogs

For some people, they need a dog that they can train easily. One option is a Boxer dog, which gets its name from the kind of motions it makes when it is play fighting. Just a couple of the positive qualities that this breed possesses include a willingness to please, and a friendly and loving nature. With regards to their diet, this tends to need a little more thought so it is well worth looking up the best dog food for boxers before you get one. Ultimately, this will be your best way of making sure that they stay happy and healthy from the moment they step through your front door.

Also known as Alsatians, German Shepherds are great for fans of bigger and more tough-seeming, but also easily trainable dogs. And loyalty is certainly a quality that categorises this particular breed, along with a big supply of bravery. Their intelligence means that they often take up working roles in the police and military.

Anyone who has ever owned a Golden Retriever before knows that this is a dog that simply can’t get enough of being in the water. Anytime that there is any nearby, you will need to keep a pretty tight hold of their leash! But like the German Shepherd, they are also well-known for their loyalty and fantastic ability to work alongside human beings so they are obviously highly trainable dogs as well. This is why they can take up so many roles in search and rescue, guiding blind or deaf people, and as sniffer dogs.

Small and Energetic Dogs

Some people want a dog that they can run around and play with, and one that jumps around when they get back home again. For many dog lovers, they just need to catch sight of the droopy features of a pug and their heart melts. But beyond their outward appearance, they also have a whole host of characteristics that make them very desirable as pets including the fact that they are good-natured and just generally entertaining! And like many of the other breeds we have already talked about, they are also intelligent.

Another option, there is something classic-looking about beagles, and their general happiness and inquisitive nature make many people fall in love with them straight away. Their keen sense of smell means that they are natural hunters, but they are great for people who like their dogs small and compact. They are probably one of the most adaptable dog breeds who can adjust to a wide range of living situations which is certainly an attractive quality to have in a canine friend.

Laidback and Home-Loving Dog

A chilled-out dog to cuddle up with at home is the perfect choice for a lot of people. One of the best dog breeds for this is a Bloodhound, which are well known for focusing on the world of smells rather than what they see or hear all the time. Their naturally cuddly size and appearance makes them the perfect company to cozy up alongside – particularly during the colder nights.

For people who prefer their dogs a little smaller, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel fits the bill perfectly and are very well-suited to leisurely time spent indoors. These adaptable dogs are more than happy to curl up on the couch with you – and they also have the natural advantage of being compact which is perfect if you live in a particularly small living space!

There is a Dog Out There for Everyone.
There is no doubt about it that there is a dog for everyone out there and the dog breeds listed in this article are just some of the most popular out there these days. Hopefully, after reading through all of their characteristics, you have got a better idea which one best suits your family and living situation. Though you can read a lot, it is actually meeting these dogs in person that will give you a better idea all about them. It is a good idea to head down to your local dog shelter so you can start encountering the different breeds face to face. Though it is tough choosing, it is also a lot of fun too so enjoy yourself!    

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