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Top 6 Tips For Cleaning Pet Hair From Around The Home

Ideally, one of the reasons why you should keep pets is that they can be great companions at home. Just like human beings, they also need love, care, and attention. But, when it comes to grooming, it can be frustrating because they shed hair on clothes, sofa, bed, carpets, floors, and other surfaces. This can make the whole place a bit untidy and unclean. Because of this, it’s essential to make efforts to improve the house’s environment and keep everything clean and hygienic. Luckily, there are many ways to help you get rid of pet hair in your home. If you’re concerned about some pet hair from around your home, below are the top six tips for cleaning them:

One of the simplest ways to clean pet hair is by using a vacuum cleaner. This equipment can be used to suck all the hair from the surfaces without spreading them into the air. However, just like other cleaning devices, you should know that not all vacuum cleaners can be useful in cleaning pet hair.  Therefore, you should choose the right equipment that can work best for things like pet hair. For instance, check the features such as the suction power, endurance of the belt, agitator brush, and many more. This can help you determine the best pet hair vacuum for your needs.  Before you buy one, give it enough time to explore all your option. Don’t rush by reading some online reviews correctly. That way, you’ll end up buying the appropriate one. 

Using a dampened mop can be an excellent way of picking pet hair from your hardwood or vinyl floors. This cleaning tool serves as a magnet as it can pick up hair from the said surfaces. However, you should remember that using a dampened mop might not be an effective cleaning material for other types of flooring.  Thus, make sure you’ve got hardwood or vinyl floors in your home before utilizing them. That way, it’s much easier and faster to eliminate pet hair in your surroundings. 

Using an anti-static spray can be a perfect idea when it comes to removing pet hair from your wooden furniture. It can help remove pet hair from the surface because it keeps the hair on the cloth instead of reattaching itself to the furniture. To get started with this cleaning method, use a soft piece of fabric, direct the anti-static cleaning spray to your wooden tables and chairs, and wipe them back and forth to get the hair. 

Typically, this cleaning tool can be used on any surface and fabric inside your house. Whether it’s the floor, furniture, carpets, or other cloth surfaces, using dampened rubber gloves can help clean pet hair from your space. Thanks to the friction created between the fabric/surface and glove, it creates static energy, allowing pet hair to stick to the glove. You can rub your hands over your belongings, and you’ll see pet hair penetrating to the gloves. 

Another most accessible and cheapest way to pick up pet hair from the surfaces is by using a roller of tape. Regardless of its type, the glue on the tape can make sure that all strands of pet hair get stuck to the tape. Just apply the tape on the concerned surface and pull it away after a few minutes. Moreover, if you want to save on your tape, you can use one a couple of times, depending on the glue’s power. That way, you can get rid of the pet hair while saving money in the long run. 

If you think using a vacuum cleaner doesn’t give you a favorable result, try something else such as window squeegees. It can be an effective way of removing pet hair from around your house because it has a rubber attached to the squeegee that can help loosen the layer of hair stuck from the surface. To do this, just move the equipment back and forth to pick up all pet hair until they’re removed completely. 

Closing Words

Typically, getting rid of pet hair from your house can be a challenging task to do. With the amount of shredding your pets do each day, it’s sometimes difficult to remove all the hair in your home environment. However, by following the tips mentioned above, you can get the desired results while keeping your space neater and more hygienic for you and your animal companions. Not only that, but cleaning pet hair doesn’t have to be a problem, if you know how to control shedding, particularly in dogs. 

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