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Tips For Looking After A Dog With Sensitive Skin

Looking after a pet with a skin issue can be a difficult task. There are many ways to try and make your dog’s life easier when they have sensitive skin, and today we want to help share some of those things. Here are some of the best tips we have for caring for a dog who has sensitive and irritable skin this year. 

Use a Dog Shampoo

It is incredibly important when you wash your dog that you don’t use the same shampoo that you use. Human shampoo has fragrances and chemicals in it that will likely aggravate your dog’s skin and make it much worse. Be sure to invest in a dog shampoo for itchy skin which is sensitive and flaky and this will work gently on the skin to help soothe it as well as provide some antibacterial aid for sensitive skin and infections. 

Be Gentle 

When bathing a dog who has sensitive skin it is important for you to be incredibly gentle. Don’t go heavy on scrubbing their skin to clean it, instead be sure to rub in gentle circular motions on their body to exfoliate the skin softly without damaging it or making it red raw. Keep a light touch and also consider wearing gloves when cleaning your dog to ensure no bacteria get into their skin that may cause further harm.

Groom Daily 

When you have a dog with skin issues, their hair is usually a cause of contention and needs to be kept groomed well to minimise any damage it does to the skin. Make sure you invest in a brush and brush their hair every day to get rid of things like dirt, matted ends, and other debris. This will keep them clean and happy. 

Add Omega Oils to Their Diet 

One of the main issues for dogs that have sensitive skin is the issue of dryness. Often when a dog does not have enough oil in their skin, they will suffer from dry and flaky skin, and this is irritating and can cause other issues for them. One way to combat this effectively is to feed them omega oils through fish or supplements to increase the oil level in their coat. This can have a huge impact on your dog after a short space of time and can soothe issues as well as make their coat shiny and smooth.

Use Conditioner 

Conditioner is such an important step in the hair washing process for a dog with sensitive skin. Just as we do, adding conditioner after shampooing the hair will add those essential oils back into the hair and protect the hair as well as the skin from damage. By conditioning your dog’s coat every time you wash it, you will maintain the strength of their hair and their skin. 

Looking after a dog with sensitive skin can be a challenge but with these simple tips you should be able to make your furry friend feel more comfortable and keep their skin happy this year. 


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