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The Ultimate Guide for Buying A Cat Water Fountain

Many cat owners love to pamper their pets with different toys and foods to keep them healthy and happy. If you also have a small cat in your home, then you might be finding various ways to keep the cat active and playful. But have you ever noticed whether or not your cat drinks enough water? Some cats don’t like to drink water from bowls or cups, which makes it even difficult to convince them to drink more water.

But, you can tackle this problem easily by getting the cat water fountains. These fountains are designed specially to provide a continuous stream of clean, filtered, and chemical-free water so that your cat stays healthy. Moreover, they offer a fantastic way of attracting the cat to drink more water. In this article, you will know more about why you need the cat water fountain and what things you should consider while buying it.

The Need for Cat Water Fountains

Below are a few essential points that will help you know why your cat needs a water fountain:

Cats that live outdoors survive on food like mice, rats, and insects. These preys contain adequate water content in them, which is sufficient for cats. Thus, outdoor or wild cats do not have a high thirst for water. But the cats that live inside a house consume meat and other food offered by their parents. This food doesn’t provide enough water to pet cats. 

Hence, you must buy a cat water fountain as it encourages the cat to drink more water. You can check as they offer various types of water fountains like AquaPurr Cat Water Fountain, iPETTIE Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain, PetSafe Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain, and lot others with affordable rates.

You might see dogs drinking stagnated water. But the kitties do not like to drink stagnated water. Because this type of water may have bacteria and viruses, and when your cat drinks that, it might suffer from stomach upsets. That’s why cats like to drink water from pipes and valves. So, a water fountain will make your kitty enjoy drinking more water.

Whiskers of the cats are the main sensory hair that helps them in sensing and navigating. With whiskers, they will be able to sense the danger or presence of any prey. So, while they drink water from a deep bowl, their whiskers will touch the water, and they might get stressed. By using water fountains, whiskers will not get disturbed, and cats will drink more water.

Though cats have good vision power, they will not be able to sense close vision objects. And therefore, they cannot see if there is water in a bowl or not. If the bowl is dark colored, the cats might think there is no water at all, and they may starve for water, which leads to dehydration.

Like humans, cats will also face severe urinary tract infection and kidney diseases if they do not drink enough water. So, the different models of water fountains created by various manufacturers encourage the kitties to drink more water and save them from many health issues.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Water Fountains for Your Kitty

If you are seeking for the best and easy to clean water fountains, consider the following factors:

The water fountain material comes in plastic and ceramic. Both of these materials are ideal for buying. The choice entirely depends on which material does your kitty like. The plastic one will be lightweight and cheap, but few kitties might topple the set. Ceramic one is costly but firmer than the plastic water fountain. 

Water fountains for cats work on an electric power source. They contain a powered battery on which the water fountain runs until the battery is drained. To use it again, you need to recharge the battery. Nothing happens even if the cats chew the cable. With a plugged power source, there won’t be any intervention, and water will flow all time. But for safety concerns, you have to keep the wires in a different place where kitties won’t be able to reach.

You must choose the fountain’s size based on how many kitties you have and the frequency of the drinking habit of your kitty. Also, if the water fountains are placed on the floor, size is not a concern. If the water fountains are placed on the bathtub or sink, then you must choose the one which fits in that place.

Cats usually are very sensitive creatures, and hence, when they hear loud noises, they become afraid. So, choose a water fountain that produces less noise so that the cat doesn’t get scared of the sound.

For safety concerns, the filters in the fountain have to be cleaned every two days. So, choose the one that allows the filter to be removed and cleaned easily.


We hope this article has given you deep insight about the need for water fountains for the kitties and the factors to consider before buying one. 

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