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The Siberian Cat Breed

It is no surprise that any cat that was created in the bitter cold temperatures of Siberia has a thick, long coat that helps protect it from the weather. The Siberian cat breed is a large cat, weighing up to twenty pounds, with an insulating coat of slightly oily hair.

While the Siberian is actually an extremely old breed, it has only recently been considered a breed by cat organizations. In the nineteen eighties, a cat fancier began importing these big cats from Russia to the United States. Interestingly enough, although they have the same ancestry, American Siberians are developing a slightly different body shape than the cats that are still being bred in Russia, perhaps because the cats that were imported to the United States were not the best representatives of the breed.

The Siberian cat has a wedge shaped head with a wider than average top, large, slightly slanted eyes and ears that point out slightly from the head. In addition, this cat breed has a short, thick neck, a rectangular, powerfully muscled body, big rounded paws, and a broad tail that tapers slightly at the tip. American Siberians are a bit rounder and softer looking than Russian cats and have a gentle expression. Russian Siberians have a wilder expression and look more like the dangerous big cats than sweet domesticated animals. You can find this beautiful cat breed in a wide range of colors and patterns in the United States, but only Black or Red colors are permitted in its homeland.

Since the Siberian cat is the descendant of farm cats, it is no surprise that this breed is able to take care of itself better than most other cat breeds. These cats are good hunters and have enough common sense to keep out of trouble. In addition, they are very graceful and agile.

Since the Siberian is very dog like, it is the ideal cat breed for people who want a dog but can not own one. These cats become extremely attached to their owners and are very affectionate and loyal animals. They love to help their families do chores around the house and are equally content to just hang out with the kids and watch television. This breed is playful and needs a lot of stimulation to stay happy. However, don’t worry if you can’t afford to buy a ton of toys, as these cats consider empty boxes, paper bags, balled up pieces of paper, or feathers to be fabulous toys.

Since the Siberian cat is a longhair breed, you will need to groom your cat at least two or three times a week. Grooming your cat removes debris and helps keep his coat from matting up. In addition, grooming can be important for your cat’s health, as it helps prevent hairballs, since loose hair is removed.

If you decide that a Siberian is the cat breed for you, you should be prepared to spend some time looking for a kitten. Unless you are living in Russia, this cat breed is still quite rare. However, once you find a Siberian, you will probably agree that owning this wonderful breed is well worth the wait.

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