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The Rules Of Walkies

There is nothing more fun for a dog than going for a walk. Getting out of the house, grabbing some fresh air and stretching their legs is nothing short of exciting and fun. The exploration from the point of view for a dog is completely different to that of their human; a good walk provides stimulation, exercise and a chance to burn that yapping energy that they are so good at harbouring. You should always consider taking your dog for more than one walk per day if possible, as it’s good for them to be out – and have a place to pee.

Walking your dog is fun, but it does have an etiquette to it. You can’t just whack on their leash and head out for their favourite sniff spots. There are dangers to consider during walks, from the possibility of bites from insects, to the bacteria harbored in the urine of the other dogs that they love to smell so much. It’s important, therefore, for you to be able to give your dog the right exercises healthily. So, what are the rules for walkies that you maybe hadn’t considered before?

  1. Never leave the house without poop bags. You can get these nifty gadgets now for collecting dog mess, so that you don’t have to pick it up yourself. It’s impolite to leave your dog’s mess outside for others to step in.
  2. Pay attention to areas where leashing your dog is important. It may be nice to let them roam, so using the appropriate length lead is a good idea. You can then maintain control of your dog at all times. Try to avoid retractable ones; they can be difficult to keep the dog contained.
  3. Remind yourself that the way that your dog explores the world is through their nose, and you should allow them the time to have a good sniff around.
  4. Take your dog to training classes to train them how to walk without a lead, allowing you to let them go free in the appropriate areas knowing that they will come when called.
  5. Environmental vigilance is so important when it comes to walking your dog. You should be aware of the road, any distractions and other dogs that can make yours begin to bark. Keeping treats handy should really.
  6. Be aware of the weather before you head out for a walk. In hot weather, stick to the early morning and late evening times for walking your dog so that they don’t overheat. Always bring plenty of water with you for your trip, especially if it’s a long one.
  7. Have fun on your walk – don’t rush it and allow for plenty of time.
  8. Be mindful of other dog owners. Leash your dog in the dog park and practice control wherever you walk.

Your dog will lead you where they’d like to go, but ultimately you are the one in control. Make your walk a fun one with plenty of opportunity to sniff.

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