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The Numismatic Dog – Dog Coin Collecting – Part 2

The Norwegian coin features a Norwegian Elkhound and also comes with a full set of coins featuring animals and birds of that North country. These coins made their first appearance in 1958 and also included the moose, squirrel, grouse, and horse in their designs.

At the collector’s discretion, one other coin could be added to the three mentioned before. This would be the fifty cent value of the Canadian Centennial Commemorative coin series of 1967. It features the majestic timber wolf, head raised to the sky in a call to his mate. One’s imagination can almost hear his eerie call.

Although we have said there are only three modern coins (or maybe four) that topically feature the dog in their designs, this number can be greatly increased if year dates are considered.

The Norwegian and Irish coins have been re-issued each year with only the year date being unchanged. Therefore, there would be about twelve varieties of the Elkhound coin and fifteen to twenty of the Wolfhound which was also minted in both nickel and copper metals.

Any dog fancier with a collector’s eye will undoubtedly want to obtain an example of these coins if for nothing more than a conversation piece. Coin collectors may want to go further and work to complete a whole new set. For those who are unfamiliar with coin collecting, there are a few easy steps to follow in getting started:

1. The public library will usually have at least one book on coin collection (typically more) that you can research for a bit of background information.

2. Try to find a coin collector in your area. Most will usually help out a beginner and if you are lucky then he or she might also be a fan of dog coins.

3. Look through the Yellow Pages for a coin dealer. They can give you a lot of good advice and put you in contact with other dealers who may have the coins you need.

4. Try your local magazine stand for a coin magazine. These will contain advertisements of dealers throughout the country giving their specialties.

After obtaining a few coins, you will want to display them. The current fad of interior decorating with small grouped pictures fits nicely with displaying a small collection.

For those that would like to take their coins to shows, and believe me, they do cause attention, there are clear plastic pockets available which will hold individual coins allowing a clear view while still giving protection.

Hopefully, in the future, a more fitting tribute will be paid to the dog through the coinage of the nations in the world.

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