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The Best Family Cat and Dog Breed

Cats, as well as dogs, are one of the most popular family pets on the planet. Pet cats and also pet dogs are outstanding family animals because they get along well with children. Furthermore, dogs and cats are generally self-dependent, but will please everyone in the family with their cute eyes and fun personality! Both cats as well as dogs develop strong relationships with their owners and show qualities of loyalty that kids can learn from. Last but not least, both cats and dogs will educate children in regard to empathy as well as responsibility considering that children will learn how to care for a pet. Getting a pet could be a great choice for your family!

Nonetheless, picking a suitable family pet for your child can be challenging since you want something that can work small children and will not hurt them. Animal breeds, especially dogs and dogs, can considerably vary in temperament. For instance, it wouldn’t be a great idea to introduce an unsocialized Pitbull to a child. To help you with choosing an excellent pet breed, I’ve selected a friendly dog breed and a loving cat breed. 


Goldendoodle for the Family

Goldendoodles have actually been among one of the most preferred crossbred pet dogs worldwide for the past 15 years. The Goldendoodle’s kind expression states everything. This is just among the finest household pet dogs on the planet: devoted, caring, flexible, and also easy to train dog breeds. Since it is a mix of the Golden Retriever and also Poodle pet breeds they additionally are nonshedding as well as hypoallergenic. So if your kids are allergic to animals, this pet dog would an outstanding choice.  In addition, Goldendoodles come in many different colors and sizes so you can choose a color that is suitable for you.

The Goldendoodle was ultimately breeded to be a therapy dog for people with light allergies to pets. Hence, they are extremely loving dogs and also aspire to please their owners. On top of that, they enjoy being a family pet and will certainly sit beside you on the sofa and follow you around the house. For more information regarding Goldendoodles or doodles in general, visit We Love Doodles.

You can also consider other friendly doodle breeds like the Maltipoo or Aussiepoo.


Maine Coon Cat for the Family

The Maine Coon pet cat is the 2nd most popular breed of cat in the world and in the United States — behind the Persian cat. They are the biggest type of residential pet cat, however, they are compassionate to humans, specifically kids and other children.  In addition, Main Coon cat’s typically get along with strangers and have a nonaggressive personality.

Some enjoyable facts about the Maine Coon breed are that they are the only native type of cat, that comes from the state of Maine. Basically, the Maine Coon was brought into the United States by seafarers which thought they were bringing Norwegian Forest Cats. The layer and coloring of a Maine Coon cat can be in any one of the tabby shades. They also have a long tail with ringed coloring, which is provided by the raccoon ancestry genetics. The ears are large and pointy which are among the defining features of the Maine Coon Cat. For more details concerning pet cats, browse through Miauland.

Another alternative to the Main Coon Cat is the Norwegian Forest Cat. The Norwegian forest cat is also great for kids and would make an ideal family member since they have similar personalities to the Maine Coon cat.


Final Thoughts for The Best Cat and Dog Breed for your Family

Did you know that cuddling or petting an animal for 10 minutes a day will considerably decrease your stress? Getting a pet for your family members will be an excellent decision. Additionally, getting an animal for your kid will show them how to care for an animal, teach them compassion, and give them a friend. One of the main reasons that I got a pet for our family was to teach our child about responsibility. All children are able to scoop food for their pets, pick up poop, and refill the water bowl. These small and easy tasks will ultimately teach your kid how to be responsible in the future.  A pet is a great learning experience!

However, it’s important that you pick the right breed of dog or cat so they won’t be aggressive towards your kid. Children always come first, but a friendly pet can be a close second. You don’t want an animal that will hurt your child, make them feel uncomfortable, or pull they around on a leash.  We hope that you like our article and also will consider one of these sweet animals in the future.

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