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The Best Cat Caves Of 2020

If you are a cat parent, you may have noticed that your furry feline spends a lot of time in dark and small spaces. Their current favorite spot may be in a hard cardboard box, the laundry basket near the heated radiator, or even squished into your shelving unit. If this sounds familiar and your cat loves to curl in enclosed places, it’s probably time you got them a cat cave. Here we’ll look at the best cat caves currently on the market.

What is a cat cave, and why is it important for your kitty?

A cat cave is a cave-shaped bed that provides a hiding spot for your pet when they want to take a nap or watch their surroundings from a safe spot. There are many benefits of getting your cat a cave bed, which we’ve covered below.

Cats love exploring hidden and covered spaces, and a cave bed is a better alternative to the cold cardboard box in your living room. Your cat’s cave-like behavior can be traced back to their behaviour in the wild. No matter how safe your furry feline feels at your home, their body is programmed to avoid predation. They also prefer to observe and stalk their prey from afar. Thus, a cat cave allows your cat to relax and feel secure, knowing they’re covered from each angle.

Research shows that cats able to hide and retreat in a safe place enjoy lower stress levels compared to exposed felines.  In their small little cave, your cat will familiarize themselves with this spot, fill it with their scent and create a safe spot where they can relax.

If you’ve just rescued or adopted a cat and your house is a new and unfamiliar place, they need some time alone to sniff things out. They need to get accustomed to humans, their new home, and to other pets. Getting a cat cave for your new pet allows your cat to observe from a safe place until they become comfortable enough to socialize.

Cats who are bullied or chased by other pets will be happy to have a safe hiding place. Although you need to encourage co-existence and discourage aggressive behavior among pets, having a cat cave for your feline goes a long way in giving your kitty the space they need to coexist with an overly playful pup!

If you don’t want your cat to curl up inside your closet or on your keyboard, you better get them a cat cave. A cat cave serves as your cat bed which means no more fur on your pillow or your clean laundry.

The best cat caves for 2020

Having an idea of the best cat caves on the market will help you make an informed decision of which is best for your furry friend. Below are our top three picks for the best cat caves for your kitty this year.


The Feltcave  cat cave tops our list as the best cat cave in 2020. This cave is made of 100% merino wool so it’s super snuggly and soft; you only have to read the cat cave reviews from happy cat parents on their site to realize that it’ll be every feline’s new favorite hiding spot.

A woolen cat cave is typically a better choice than cat caves made from other materials as woolen fibers are highly absorbent and wear-resistant. More importantly,  wool is able to react to fluctuations in your cat’s body temperature due to tiny pockets of air within the fibers that circulate heat. This means a wool cat cave will keep your cat warm during cold nights and cool during hot nights. This is imperative for new kittens who can’t regulate their own body temperature; their body functions may begin to shut down if their core temperature decreases, so it’s vital you get them a warm woolen cat cave or a snuggly alternative when they’re very young.

On top of this, cats are naturally attracted to wool and the natural fibers easily trap your cat’s hair.

Feltcave cat caves molds comfortably to your cat’s sleeping or relaxing position, so they can be used as a flat or round mat when your cat hops at the top of it, or as a bed where your cat decides to sleep inside.

Feltcave cat caves come in chic designs and eight beautiful colors. You can expect this cat cave to serve your cat for a long time as it’s handmade, long-lasting, and big enough for cats who weigh up to 20 pounds.



M&G Washable Shark Cave Bed

If you are looking for a cute, quirky cat cave for your cat, then you have yourself a winner in the M&G washable shark cave bed. This cave




The ZEN DEN cat bed is for you! It looks like a cube and its attractive design means you can put it in your living room and it will fit perfectly with modern decor. The den has a large entry meaning your large kitty doesn’t have to wiggle her way in. The thick bed at the bottom of this cave is removable and machine washable.

The handles on each side of this cave makes it easy to move around. This den is also easy to fold in case you need to store it. You can turn this cave into an interactive cat maze by purchasing the company’s cat tunnel that hooks to this cave.



If your kitty has been napping under the bed, it’s time you got her a cave cat bed. Hopefully, you will find one that fits your cat needs among our three top picks.

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