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Taking Care Of Your Poorly Pup

Thre are very few things as upsetting as when your furry friend is getting older and begins to be plagued by illness. Your once bouncy, happy pup starts to move a little slower, breathing a little heavier and depending on their illness might be in some pain. 

We will always want to do what is best for our pets, no matter how difficult that is. But, here are a few ways that you can take care of your poorly dog – no matter what the age. 


No matter what age, there can be something that required surgery. And once they get home, you are going to be in charge of keeping them rested and pain-free. Which can be pretty tricky for younger dogs. 

Dogs that are coming out of anaesthesia are often wobbly, and can not entirely be themselves. Make sure that your dog has somewhere calm and relaxing to rest while waiting for the effects of the magic sleep leaves their systems. When they do get up, try to keep an eye on them if possible. 

Medication is probably going to be on the agenda. Very often, the medication can be costly, but chat with your vet about what your dog needs and you might be able to source something cheaper – but still safe and effective. For example, Vetmedin 5mg for heart failure is something you can access online. Make sure you always understand the proper dosage and how to administer them. 

Exercise & Rest

Your pooch will need both rest and exercise in measured doses. During their illness or recovery period, they really should be sleeping and resting as much as possible. So try to limit any visitors that start the tail wagging and those excitable jumps. 

Your vet will give you plenty of advice about when they can go out for walks again, so many sure you adhere to it. The stitches that they likely have are at risk of bursting. On some occasions, your dog will be fitted with a cone, and in some cases, they will need to use a crate. 

Most of the time, when your dog is too poorly to go out for a walk, their demeanor will tell you everything that you need to know. Poorly dogs will most often have a lower immune system for a while and getting out there into the world they might pick up something that makes them much worse. 


Much like humans, when dogs get ill, they are more likely to get an upset stomach. If they eat or drink too fast, they might cause themselves to vomit. You can help curb that by only adding small amounts of food or water to their dishes, and for a short while swap, their usual diet for more bland items like white rice scrambled eggs and boiled chicken. Also, as your vet for help to make sure they are the right decisions. 

And finally, plenty of love and snuggles will be the one thing that you can give your dog while they are on the road to recovery. 

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