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Support your Local Animal Charity

Below are a few suggestions on ways to help your local animal shelter, pet rescue group, or miscellaneous animal charity raise funds for their organization. Please e-mail us if you have a suggestion for this page and we will gladly add it to the list below! Also keep in mind that there are many other ways to help these worthy causes in addition to your much needed financial contributions.

Shelters and rescue groups always need on-site and on-call volunteers, as well as donations of pet food, toys, towels and bedding, office supplies and other miscellaneous items. Please also check our Calendar of Events. We invite ALL non-profit groups to list their pet adoption and fundraising events to the calendar free of charge!

  • Shop on Up to 27% of each purchase you make goes to your favorite charity. 584 participating “big name” stores! Shop categories include: Accessories (51), Art/Arts and Crafts (31), Automotive (17), Babies and Maternity (28), Beauty (35), Books and Magazines (40), Canada and Europe (12), Clothing (126), Collectibles (27), Computers (48), Cooking and Cookware (27), Education (21), Electronics (58), Flowers (11), Garden & Patio (32), Gifts (65), Gourmet & Grocery (39), Health (36), Home (101), Jewelry and Fragrance (44), Kids and Teens (41), Music and Video (51), Office (50), Optical (4), Pets (22), Services and Finance (40), Sports and Outdoors (69), Toys and Games (43), and Travel (40). Benefits of membership include exclusive deals, free Shipping offers and coupons for members! Join for free and make your first purchase within 45 days of joining and will donate an extra $5. to your favorite charity! Click here to sign up! You may also sign up and shop via one of our listed Pet Shelters or Pet Rescue Groups. We will also be adding “” “buttons” for participating members over the next few months, so please check to see if your favorite animal charity has signed up for this program. If they haven’t you may want to urge them to do so, as we (at feel it is a great “unsolicited, non-invasive” way to raise money for their cause…after all, dosen’t eveyone shop online at some point during the year!
  • Purchase a “pet friendly” license plate. They are currently available in the states of Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. Part of the the cost of the plate ($25. in the state of Maryland) is donated to a partcipating animal shelter or rescue organization. Click here for more details.
  • Donate your car to an animal shelter or pet rescue organization – There are numerous websites promoting this cause…in fact too many to list on our site. It is best to contact the animal charities you support and inquire if they participate in these programs – many do! Please keep in mind that tax laws have changed regarding car donations starting with the 2005 tax year. Click here to read the IRS “A Donor’s Guide to Car Donations”.
  • Donate money online to your favorite animal charity(s) – Peruse through our online listings of animal shelters and pet/animal rescue groups. Make a donation through or another listed online service.
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