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Spinach for Pets – Things You Should Know

Some foods we humans eat could also be given to our pets. However, some may do more harm than good to them. If you are wondering whether it’s a good idea to give your pet spinach, you have come to the right place. We are going to talk about the benefits and disadvantages of giving your dog or cat spinach.

Can Dogs Eat Spinach?

Well to cut the answer short, yes, they can. However, spinach contains a lot of oxalic acid which could block your dog’s system from absorbing calcium. This could eventually cause kidney damage. The truth is, dogs don’t actually need vegetables in their diet, but most vegetables can’t do them any harm. Click here to find out whether you should give your pup veggies.

When Shouldn’t You Give Your Dog Spinach?

If your dog has had kidney problems, you should see your vet before adding spinach to your pup’s meals. Different dog breeds can take it in different amounts. So, make sure to ask your vet what amount you should give your dog and how frequently you should do so. Whenever giving your pup a new kind of food, start slowly before increasing it.

Is It Good To Give Your Dog Spinach Every Day?

It isn’t really a good idea to do so. Giving your pup too much of this vegetable can result in them getting an upset stomach, diarrhea, or vomiting. So maybe try giving them about two times a week.

The Way To Prepare Spinach For Your Dog

Buying organic is the best. But if you can’t do this, make sure you rinse it well before preparing it. Start by steaming it. Boiling causes it to lose some nutrients, but it is quite difficult to get your dog to eat it raw. Do not add extra things like spices or butter because it could do your pup harm. Once you have steamed it, make it into a puree if your dog can’t eat the leaves.

Benefits of Spinach for Your Dog

Now, let us talk about some of the many benefits your pup can experience by taking this vegetable. Want to know how good spinach can be for your pup? Look at the truth about dogs and spinach and you’ll see all the reasons you need to make an informed decision. So here we go into the benefits…


Can Your Cat Eat Spinach?

This depends on the condition your cat is in. Spinach is high in calcium oxalate. So if your cat has urinary issues, it isn’t safe to give it this vegetable. It will cause your cat to develop crystals in the urinary tract which can result in some issues later on. However, if your cat is fine and doesn’t have any urinary issues, it won’t be harmful to give it spinach.

How Should You Give Spinach To Your Cat?

It doesn’t matter how you decide to give this to your cat. You could cook it or give it to your cat raw. It’s fine as long as you don’t add any extra spices to it. But, if you would like your kitty to get all the nutrients, you can serve it raw. However, serving it raw to a cat with health problems could be dangerous.

What Amount Of It Should My Cat Take?

Start by giving them one leaf to see whether they will even want to eat it at all. It is well known that cats can be very picky about their food. If you see good reactions from your kitty, only give them about two leaves occasionally. Cats don’t need vegetables to stay alive; it just has additional nutrition which is great for your cat. But never use it as a substitution for their usual meal.

Benefits of Giving Your Cat Spinach

Since we have talked about the benefits of giving dogs spinach, let us also talk about the benefits of giving it to cats…

Other Healthy Foods You Can Add to Your Cat’s Diet

We have established that spinach is good for your cat if you observe certain rules. But are there other healthy foods you can add to the mix? Yes, let’s consider this a bonus section…


Although spinach has many benefits for humans, you should always make sure to see your vet before introducing it to your pet. Remember not to give it to your pet every day so that it doesn’t get sick. Cats and dogs don’t actually need vegetables but they can benefit from some.

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