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Socializing A Shy Dog – Tips For Success

Social awkwardness and shyness is not strictly part of human discourse. Animals can also feel it too. If you own a shy dog, it can be better to remedy this problem sooner rather than later, before it becomes a natural personality trait the pet embeds in its behaviour.

Socializing a shy dog requires a few methods to complete well. It also pays to look for the source of the issue. Pets have more individualist personalities than we think, meaning that in order to overcome social shyness we must take each case on a subject by subject basis. That being said, we’d suggest that the following tips are very useful for anyone looking for a fundamental guide to help their dog get over social shyness.

The tips are as follows:


That’s right, sometimes socializing a shy animal is as simple as introducing the dog to more and more animals and people. This might mean taking them out in a park, or taking them specifically to a dog trainer. They may be shy at first, but through repeated exposure to these environments they should learn bravery. Facing fears is often one of the most useful things a human being can do when finding difficulty connecting or overcoming an obstacle. Why should this be any different for our pets? If you socialize a shy dog in this way, you are that much more likely to experience a benefit in positive behaviour and general confidence, as this is the most natural way to do it.

CBD Treats

This might sound a little too innovative, but hear us out. Incredibly low-THC strains of cannabis treats allow for animals to experience all of the positives of cannabis without any of the psychoactive effects. These substances can have a great array of benefits for a pet, from allowing them to sleep more easily, to increasing appetite and warding off pain from illnesses. The most important CBD for dogs benefit that we are interested in as per the requirements of this article is the capacity for it to calm dogs from anxiety. That’s right, they experience it too.

This can obviously help with socialization and shyness, in a way which we shouldn’t explain on account of potentially insulting your intelligence. The prescribed (or smaller) amount of this given to your pet daily can help them come over the stumbling block of shyness, allowing them to work on the other tasks that help an animal grow in confidence.

Identify Trauma

Not all shyness can be overcome by placing the animal in stressful situations and medicating them. Sometimes, the situation calls for a more responsible solution. If you fear that your pet might have undergone a form of trauma, then it’s important to identify if this is true. Try to find the history of every dog you own, particularly if they are in adulthood. Sometimes difficulties run deeper than confidence or being sheltered. An animal behavioral therapist can usually ascertain if dogs have experienced trauma, and if so suggest methods to alleviate it. This can usually apply an attitude of care which is so critical if you’re to gain any positive traction in your efforts.

With these tips, you’re sure to achieve your goals of helping your dog become socialized more thoroughly.

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