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Simple Ways to Keep Your Cat Hydrated

There are endless articles about the importance of drinking water for humans but water is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle for our pets too. Cats might be small but they still need a good supply of clean water to keep them going.

Like the rest of us, water can really boost a cat’s energy levels, improve their skin and fur and certainly contributes to their overall health. While you could worry about the maths behind working out how much water a cat requires, really the best rules to follow are simple.

Offer Fresh Drinking Water Around the House

The most important thing you can do is offer your pet a couple of spots for drinking. One of the reasons that cats won’t drink from their water bowl is that it is too close to their food. In the wild, cats will always keep food and water separate to avoid any contamination so putting a water bowl in a different room is a good idea.

Some cats are also picky about the type of water they drink and many prefer running water. If this is the case, a cat water fountain could be just what your pet is looking for. Fortunately, they come in a range of designs so it’s possible to buy one that looks more like an indoor fountain your cat happens to like!

Offer Wet Food as Well as Dry

Cats get a lot of water from their food which is why wet food is a good addition to their diet. This water source should also be packed full of nutrients which can help to keep their coat nice and shiny and dandruff free. You can visit to learn more about dandruff prevention and treatment.

For elderly cats, softer food is a good idea as this will make up even more of their required water intake. Products like cat soup and cat milk are great for treats too. Of course, like all of us, cats like a varied diet so do rotate the flavors and brands you choose to ensure a good varied diet.

Tempt Cats to Drink More With Simple Tricks

To encourage your cat to drink more, you need to make the water as tempting as possible. Make sure that you put a large bowl of fresh water down every day in the same spot. If you want your cat to eat a little more, you can try putting a little bit of tuna in the bottom of the bowl. As you cat laps to get to the fish, they will take on much more water. Chicken broth also works!

If you are worried about how much your cat is drinking (or if you see them struggling to wee), you must always take them to see the vet. It might be that they have a problem with their bladder or kidneys that needs to be addressed.

Cats may be fussy drinkers but they are wonderful pets to have around. And, let’s face it, if you had wanted an obedient pet, you would’ve chosen a dog.

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