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Should I put my dog in a Pet Hotel?

As summer approaches, many of us are starting to plan our first holiday in at least two years. The summer of 2020 was generally no time to travel, least of all for pleasure. For some pets, it’s going to be a chance to kick back and relax just like their owners.

Features and Prices of Pet Hotels

Some hotels have standard daycare services for as little as $8 for an hour. Others have more expensive extras. Some hotels will charge up to $200 a night, offering things like pet-friendly programs and full-size beds for cats and dogs.

The market is booming, and there are luxury franchise hotels with locations nationwide. The busiest seasons are summer and spring, as pet owners pack their bags and set out for their holiday destinations of choice, east or west. There are always owners who are looking for the very best for their pooch while they’re away.

The best pet hotels have luxury amenities and ensure they treat the animals like family. They are aware of the fact that their owners see them that way and want the best for them. And they should be getting it for what they’re paying – some people spend astronomical amounts on their pets, even as much as $2,000 a month, according to some news reports.

OK, so you’re not necessarily among them. You’re just wondering if you should put your dog in a regular, not a swanky pet hotel, and just for a few days at that.

How Safe is It?  

Leaving your dog in a pet hotel is usually safer than a dog kennel or boarding them with your vet. It’s also better than leaving them in a hotel room and traveling with them. In a pet hotel, they will be supervised and monitored, typically around the clock. If you leave your dog with your vet, you should know that their care will end with the staff’s shift. Even vets who return to check on the pets overnight aren’t an effective substitute for a facility that’s staffed 24/7.

Hotel vs. Kennel

At a kennel, dogs are left in enclosures most of the time they’re being boarded. While this ensures their safety, services at hotels are far more customized. Being left in a kennel can lead to separation anxiety, homesickness, and even health issues. Pets have their own rooms in hotels, so there are no unsafe interactions between them. Moreover, they’re given all kinds of opportunities to exercise, including general activities and toilet breaks. At a kennel, you can’t be sure your dog will get exercise apart from a potty break.

Last but not least, a lot of pet hotels screen the animals for diseases prior to accepting them, including those that don’t present obvious symptoms. Kennels’ responsibility is limited to rejecting animals with known contagious diseases.

In a pet hotel, you can expect the staff to be qualified professionals. Ask about certification just in case and look for evidence of licensing on the website. Pet hotels tend to hire people who have gone through years of training and have prior and relevant work experience.

Some experts recommend pet sitting as an alternative to a pet hotel. Pet sitting is when you hire someone to come to your home and take care of your pet when you’re away. This is usually more expensive than a hotel – unless, of course, you opt for a luxury one. Your dog will be part of a group in a hotel while sitting is a personal service. 

Scientific Findings

Like every business, hotels focus on maximizing profit. Studies on maximizing hotel profit frequently refer to this concept as client inclination toward payment. A recent tendency that matches this inclination involves policies on pets.

Hotel pet policies have been identified as a focus of further study in past research. Back in 2012, researchers detected a gap between policies and customer wishes following extensive studies. Ultimately, this gave rise to the pet hotel trend. Around that time, they concluded there were many obstacles to traveling with pets. Hotel policies on pets were one such obstacle. Almost a decade later, it has emerged that pet owners have become more and more willing to pay in the name of their loved ones’ comfort and safety. The pet hotel trend isn’t going anywhere.  

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