Pet Food Resources – Research has shown that the consumption of highly processed foods and low quality ingredients in dog food can lead to a variety of irreversible consequences, including obesity, arthritis, diabetes, and cancer. This is largely due to the fact that over 70% of dog owners have no idea what to look for when reading dog food labels. Dog nutrition and health is undoubtedly difficult to understand and it doesn’t help that dog food labels are designed for maximum marketing appeal which can be confusing to many pet owners. In order to clear up this confusion, has teamed up with leading industry experts and dedicated hundreds of hours researching canine nutrition and the importance of quality ingredients. The end result is an in-depth analysis, backed by scientific research and expert knowledge, that clearly explains the importance of canine nutrition and details exactly what pet owners should and shouldn’t be feeding their dogs. The goal is to help all dog owners make more informed decisions about their pet’s’ nutrition when considering what to feed their dogs.

By using these resources, pet owners have access to comprehensive information that is backed by data and research. The value of the resource is clearly seen in the quality of the work. The team at spent over 1400 hours researching canine nutrition and specific types of dog food. The research team surveyed 300 dog owners, analyzed 100 of the top canine nutrition articles and publications, evaluated over 2200 different dog food formulas from 115 brands, and worked with 20 of the top dog experts in the world including veterinarians, nutritionists, behaviorists, and university researchers. All of this research created a comprehensive, non-biased, and data-driven dog food and canine nutrition guide.