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Quick DIY CBD Treats for Your Dog

There is enough documentation one can find online to support the benefits of cannabidiol or CBD to pets, particularly the canine kind. Since humans and mammals share the same endocannabinoid system, which regulates health and healing, the right CBD doses could do wonders for our beloved dogs.

There are many ways to administer CBD oil to our pets, but the easiest would be in the form of CBD dog treats. By preparing tasty options, you would be able to give the prescribed CBD dosage that your dog would enjoy every time. Check out this list of CBD dog treats compiled by

The easiest way you can come up with a CBD dog treat is to infuse ready-made dog treats with the CBD oil. You would need to select porous dog treats that could easily absorb the CBD oil. Then use a dropper to put drops equal to the prescribed dosage into the dog treats. Voila, instant CBD dog treats ready to go!

The next options would require additional effort and preparation time. Once you are ready to progress beyond ready-made treats and would like to show some extra love to your dog, these options are for you.

No-Bake CBD Peanut Butter-and-Pumpkin Dog Treat

This delicious dog treat is easy to prepare and requires no baking or cooking. The preparation only takes about 15 minutes once you have the following ingredients:

You must do a little math before proceeding to know precisely how much CBD oil you would need to add to the mixture. To do that, multiply the number of CBD oil drops your pet needs by the number of treats the recipe will make. In this case, it will be about 20 1-1/4-to-1-1/2-inch balls.

Beat the pumpkin puree, peanut butter, almond milk, and CBD oil in the bowl of an electric mixer on medium-high for a minute or two. Shift to low speed while adding two-and-a-half cups of old-fashioned oats until it is well combined. Make use of a small cookie scoop to make balls with the size mentioned above. Then dredge the balls in the remaining old fashioned oats to coat them.

Cover and place the treats in the refrigerator for about an hour or until they are firm. These CBD dog treats can last for a week when kept refrigerated in an airtight container.

Dairy-Free CBD Dog Ice Cream

This refreshing treat is excellent when it is hot, and it does not require an ice cream machine. It is also easy to prepare and does not contain fat or sugar typical with our ice creams. Ready the following ingredients:

Whisk together the coconut milk and gelatin in a bowl, then add the squash, sardines, and CBD oil. For the amount of CBD oil, use the same procedure described earlier. Mash well using the usual fork or a blender until the mix is smooth.

Place the mix in a medium-sized freezer bag, press out all the air, and then seal the bag. Place the whole thing inside another freezer bag, press out the air, seal it, and place it in the freezer. Remove the bag every 20 minutes so you could massage the mix and break any forming ice. The ice cream for your pet will be ready to serve after two to three hours.

The above options did not include any baking or cooking yet since CBD starts to degrade or evaporate at over 356° F. Of course, you would not want to lose the potency of the CBD oil. Once you have mastered the above CBD dog treats, then you could venture into more delightful options for your dog.

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