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Q & A: Shedding Basset Hound

Question: Shedding Basset Hound

“We have a six-month old Basset Hound who sheds terribly. Is this breed prone to shedding or is this the result of something else? Our veterinarian has given us a diet to follow of which we have adhered to and fed our dog the same thing for more than six months now, but still no changes in the shedding problem. Could my veterinarian be wrong?”


The problem sounds like it may be either an excess or a deficiency of fat in the dog’s diet.  If you are not presently adding fat as a supplement to your dog’s diet, try adding 1 teaspoon of corn oil every other day. The shedding condition should disappear in about two weeks.

If you are already adding fat to the diet, then stop for a while. Most breeds shed twice a year, and no breed is more prone than others. Profuse shedding can also be caused by people who add egg yolk daily, thinking that it will make their dog’s coat shine.

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