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Q & A: Metal Training Collar

Question: Metal Training Collar

“I have researched dozens of books and purchased a handful of dog training videos. The one thing I noticed is that many of the obedience training articles and instructions recommend the use of a metal training collar rather than a nylon collar. Can you tell me why? Personally, I own a Collie and have found that using a metal collar damaged the hair around my dog’s neck.”


In the early stages of dog training the novice trainer fails to realize the importance and proper manner of making corrections and usually succeeds in merely “pulling” on the leash to make a correction. The action of a metal slip collar helps to overcome this initial reluctance.

To the beginner dog, the metal training collar has a more authoritative feel than does the nylon. If the metal collar damaged the hair on your dog’s coat then your collar was too thin. You might consider what is generally referred to as a “wide link” collar which are available online, local pets stores, and through most dog magazines. If your Collie is now under control, healing perfectly, then your shift to a nylon collar is perfectly all right.

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