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Q & A: How Can I Become A Dog Trainer?

Question: How To Become A Trainer

“Could you tell me how I can go about becoming a professional dog trainer? I have trained a few dogs, but none for shows. I love dogs and I want to make my training my profession, but just don’t know how to go about it. I have 4-H experience in dog care and training, am 18 years old, and would really like to get started.


“Our suggestion would be that you first get a group of your 4-H people and their dogs together and form a small class. And since you probably have put in many hours reading training books and publications then you should focus entirely on dog obedience training manuals, especially when it comes to trouble dogs. The information contained in such books and videos is enough to get anyone started on their way to becoming a dog trainer.

I must caution you though, that just knowing how to train dogs isn’t enough to enable you to turn “pro.” You must become knowledgeable in the field of canine behavior, canine nutrition, preventative medicine, canine physiology, canine psychology, etc.

You must learn the capabilities as well as the limitations of the canine. You must learn elements of business administration, as well as how to teach people – a good dog trainer must also be a good “people teacher”. A lot of this will come from experience, but much of it must also come from studying books and videos. Watch and read every single piece of material that you can get your hands on – and good luck!

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