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Protect Your Home From Destructive Cats

When it comes to cat behavior some cats can be very destructive to your house. From scratching up furniture to destroying plants, the amount of damage can add up after a while. So how do you protect your house from your cat?

When it comes to having a destructive cat there are many simple and easy things you can do to protect your house from the cat. One common complaint from cat owners is that the cat is always getting into the plant and digging in the soil. This makes a huge mess on the floor and is bad for the plant. One easy solution to this is to put rocks over the soil. If you use rocks that are large enough it should detour most cats from attempting to get down to the soil.

If your plants are small enough you could just raise them off the floor and put them on a shelf where the cat is unable to jump or climb too. Also using a plant basin that is too large for the cat to knock over is another simple step you can take.

If your cat is destroying your couch by scratching it you can always try to place a scratching post where your cat seems to scratch the most. Cats love to scratch and they do it for several reasons. Cats scratch because it helps to sharpen their claws, it helps them exercise by strengthening their muscles, and it prevents boredom.

If your cat is scratching another thing to try is offering more toys to play with or cover your furniture with a cloth. If you don’t want to live like your furniture is always ready to be moved, try a product called Soft Claws.

There are dozens of more ways to protect your house from your cat. By learning about cat behavior you can save yourself a lot of headaches.

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