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Pet Medications – How to Save Money and Buy Online Safely?

It’s no wonder that we are living in a country which is full of animal lovers. The Humane Society of the US reported that around 39% of households have at least one pet in the country. To take care of a pet, you need to do lots of work and bear a lot of expenses. Pet care also consists of preventive care to ensure safety against all diseases. It includes lots of trips to veterinarian and extra costs of pet medications and vaccinations. However, you may consider pet insurance to protect your wallet in case of illness or emergencies. A lot of pet owners are looking forward to address increasing cost of pet care by looking for online pet medications providers.

Should You Buy Pet Medication from the Vet?

A lot of Americans believe that they should buy pet medicines only from vet. But they can also buy such medications from online pharmacies to avail lots of benefits. Veterinarians may often mark up their rates by 100 percent on pet medications and they may even go up to 160 percent including dispensing fee. All in all, it is not important to buy medication from vets which prescribe them.

Be Careful on Shopping at Online Pharmacies

You can save a lot on pet medications by shopping at online pharmacies. According to the US FDA, there are several concerns that consumers should know about. Several online companies are caught selling unapproved medications and counterfeit drugs which may take a toll on your pet’s health. Some websites are also shipping expired medications and some dispense without any prescription.

Buy Only from a Reputable Online Pharmacy

Despite having certain risks on buying pet medications from online pharmacies, you still can save a lot and get quality products from reputable Canadian online pharmacies. There are legitimate pharmacies which comply with federal laws. It is true that federal law restricts selling prescription drugs without prescription. Hence, legitimate online pharmacies don’t receive any order for prescription drugs without prescription.

Buying Prescription Pet Medications Online Safely

Place Your Order Only from Accredited Pharmacy

The online pharmacies are required to have VIPPS seal, which stands for the Veterinary Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites, which follows strict procedures of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy program (NABP) while dispensing prescription drugs for your pets. In order to find out if website is VIPPS certified or not, look at the website to find out the seal or find out if it is accredited at NABP website. This way, you can save yourself from buying unregulated medication for your lovely pet.

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