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Pet Hair Vacuums: How to Choose Yours?


Pet owners have the best companions to share their time with. Cats and dogs light up our lives and make our otherwise monotonous routine a bit more worthwhile. Having four paws run across whenever you come back home after a tiring day is definitely a much-needed mood changer. Watching your pet patiently sleep on your lap is definitely the most calming feeling in the world. Pets of all sizes are equally therapeutic and important to make our lives a little less dull. 

However, with cherished companions, come responsibilities. Dogs and cats often shed fur and it might become an issue if you’re not correctly equipped to clean the mess. Some breeds tend to shed a lot as compared to others and a basic vacuum cleaner may not be aiding in the cause. 

Thanks to the growing competition, brands have come up with innovative solutions to these everyday problems. To read more about the different options available in the market, check this link:

We all know that we can clean our mess with vacuum cleaners. But to clean our pets’ mess, there are special pet vacuum cleaners that are specifically designed to clean up fur off from every surface. Now, before impulsively buying the first option you see, read on to understand the basis on which you should choose the best pet vacuum cleaner. 

A Guide to Buy Pet Hair Vacuums

Home Flooring

The surface that you intend to clean with the cleaner is extremely important to consider before purchasing. The various attachments and brushes that come with the vacuum cleaner are really critical to keep in mind. 

For instance, if you have a hardwood or tile flooring, you need to look for a model that has suction abilities. If the cleaner simply blows off the fur from the floor, it will be time taking and tiring for you to clean the whole house. 

If your area of cleaning is mostly carpeted or rugged, you need to opt for the model that has a rotating brush attached to the mouth. Since carpets tend to stick in the dirt and hair, a normal suction vacuum cleaner won’t do the job. The rotating brush will pull out the fur and clean the carpet efficiently. To know more about how vacuums work, click here

Likewise, if you have to move your cleaner from one place to another because you don’t stop your furry best friend from roaming around your home sweet home, then you need to opt for a model that’s lightweight as well as has different attachments to clean hard to reach areas. 

These vacuum cleaners come with different attachments to clean off remote and cornered areas too. Like any normal vacuum, they are similarly built except for the factor that they are designed to clean pet mess. 


Money is an important factor to consider before buying these equipments. You will get a variety of price ranges under which brands provide various gizmo’s and fancy attachments for efficient cleaning. These top-of-the-line vacuums may be the best in the market and will probably last for years without a glitch, but why pay for something that you’ll probably not use as often as a regular vacuum cleaner?

On the other side, a cheaper version may work fine for the first few weeks but will end up being clogged or any of the main functions will stop working. Before you realize it, you’ll be bustling for its repair and maintenance without even using it much. 

The point is, you’d have to research according to the type of vacuum you would need for cleaning and the different price range brands have to offer. There are different models of pet hair vacuums available that we’ll discuss in the next section. 

Pet Breed

Different breeds of cats and dogs shed differently. For example, a golden retriever would shed more fur than a poodle. In that case there’s no point buying a heavily equipped and costly vacuum designed for cleaning heavy fur. 

You need to categorize the same for any pet that you own. There are simpler models for less fur that don’t cost a fortune. 

However, if your furry monster takes off large amounts of hair, it’d be better to invest in a cleaner designed for the purpose. These vacuums may have precise suction attachments or different suction modes as extra functions. 

These models are usually pricier but serve the purpose without any issues for years. Go here: to know which breeds of cats and dogs shed the most. 

Types of Pet Hair Vacuums

Like there are different types of regular vacuum cleaners available, there are different types of pet hair vacuums available too. The vast variety of cleaners may confuse you into buying the wrong one. We’ve laid out a detailed guide of the types of vacuums in the market:

Handheld vacuums are the most common variant available in the market. However, they’re not quite useful in cleaning pet fur as they don’t have the strongest suction. They are useful for spot cleaning though. Their price is economical and can fit every pocket. However, it’s barely useful in terms of the topic in discussion as of now.

Stick vacuums are the most lightweight option of all. These are pocket friendly and have average cleaning ability. As compared to handheld vacuums, these are easier to carry around and are comparatively easier to access. However, they lack the diverse range of functions that are usually available in different models.

Upright vacuums are the savior you’ve been waiting for all your life. These multifunctional gadgets are pretty much the most versatile gizmo you’ll ever need. They have functions that clean off pet hair from all surfaces. Though they’re on the pricier side, but the functionality they offer is worth the investment.

Robot vacuums do not need much assistance from you except feeding in the specifications required for the cleaning. They clean up dog and cat fur alike but may be inefficient in sucking up different hair. They move around smoothly without much assistance. However, you’d have to clean up the dirt compartment after every use. 

Canister vacuums are the best to clean off pet hair. They have a number of options and functions to choose from. They’re easily the most effective cleaners that clear off almost all types of fur shed.


Vacuum cleaners are must haves if you have a furry best friend at your home. Cleaning up the fur sheds manually is tiring and humanly impossible.

Advanced gadgets help in easing out the task and provide efficient sanitation. Owning a pet is like having a baby. It comes with responsibilities and duties that need to be completed without fail. Advancement in technology has made it easier to keep your pets in a healthy and happy environment. 

It is essential to maintain hygiene standards at all times. And choosing the best options in your budget is like a cherry on the cake. Your love for your pet will never die, and keeping them clean and furry is as important as keeping them safe from all health hazards.

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