Nowadays, pet-keeping is not only a habit but it has become the necessity of every human being. After dogs and cats, which are the most common pets, people keep parrots, hamsters, mice, chimpanzees, etc.  Despite high expenses on their food, vaccinations, toys, pet cottage, and other accessories, people still love to live with them. They are priceless in their love, compassion, loyalty, and vital health benefits that we cannot deny to adopt them at any cost. In this humane and rational narrative blog, we will discuss some factors which will prove that why keeping a pet is a good reason:

Lowers Blood Pressure

Pets have great relaxing effects on a person with high blood pressure. It helps to lower heart rate. Eventually, there is a visible decrease in the levels of cholesterol and triglyceride. When you live with a pet, play with him, it helps to maintain and control your blood pressure. If you have a heart attack, they help you to recover faster from it

Improve social behavior

There is positive behavior development seen in kids who are grown with. Such kids are likely to be more responsible and less self-centered. Pets need attention. Thus, kids growing with pets learn to give attention to them and learn the value of good habits and routines. Such kids are respectful towards all living things. People who keep pets are good in their social relations.

Keep us healthy, active and fit

We had been doing a lot of work yesterday and we are finding it hard to wake up early for the morning walk, your pet is here to wake you up in time. It will not leave you unless he makes you wake up and go to walk with him. Your pet dog will urge you to walk even if you are extremely tired. You can keep a pet instead of an alarm clock.

They make us Happy

A person, who is frustrated and stressed due to workload in his office, is relaxed at the sight of his pet, who is all excited by your side when you return home. He licks you and shows his gestures to play with you. When you play with your pet, the level of brain activity rises. Moreover, we feel pleasure, happiness, and tranquility. Pets keep us happy as there is an increase in the levels of serotonin dopamine, when we play with pets. These are our feel-good chemicals. They help to improve our mood.

Best Companions in our loneliness

A person suffers most at the hand of loneliness. Life becomes difficult to spend when you lost someone very close to you. You develop the habit of staying alone which may lead you to suffer depression and anxiety. Keeping a pet might help you to get out of such a situation. Your pets become your best companions. Your love and attention are the reasons for your pet’s faithfulness and kind gestures. They give you unconditional love and serve you as the best friend in your loneliness and hardship. 

Pet Therapy

This therapy is widely used to treat several mental problems. Trained cats and dogs are commonly used in this therapy. They help to reduce grief, stress, and blood pressure by improving fine motor skills in an individual. These therapies help children in their development of nurturing and empathetic skills. This animal-assisted therapy is highly effective as it reduces pain during procedures of people receiving cancer treatment and kids who are undergoing dental procedures.  One can also train his pet for such therapy by teaching him some basic exercises. 

Security Purpose

Since our childhood we have been hearing dogs as a very faithful and intelligent animal. They can smell the unwanted danger and would not be afraid to attack if he confronts any danger. We can keep them for our personal and property security.  They also serve as the physical first-line defense when we go out with them. They are extremely good runner sand physically active that help you to be surrounded by a loyal and reliable security guard.

Keep you Busy in Quarantine

In this pandemic of COVID-19, the pets are not just the stress reliever, but also keep us engage with them. They are the source of entertainment that helps us to stay away from negative thoughts from this epidemic.