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Ordinary Household Items That Are Dangerous To Dogs

Having a family dog is great, but it also is a lot of responsibility. Most people know the basics of keeping their dogs safe and healthy, such as keeping them fed and exercised, securing any outdoor space, and removing any sharp items they can hurt themselves on. 

But there are items you might not think to worry about when it comes to the safety of your pets


Some dogs like to chew on grass and houseplants. No one quite knows why they do this. It could be because they have an upset stomach, are bored or anxious, or just making mischief. However many common houseplants are poisonous to dogs, and if they ingest them, this could lead to your dog becoming very ill, or even worse. 

If you have any houseplants, check online to see if they pose a threat, and if they do, either remove them from your home or place them in an area that you know your dog cannot reach them. Taking a Pet First Aid Certification can help you to recognize serious illness in your dog and act quickly. 

Air Fresheners 

It’s common for people who have dogs to use air fresheners, to keep their house smelling lovely and less like their dog. However, a lot of air fresheners settle on surfaces such as floors and fabrics. If your dog then licks them, the chemicals are transferred into their system and can cause illness. 

Instead of using spray air fresheners, try a plugin or a solid freshener that is kept out of reach of your dog. 

Dental floss

This essential part of your cleaning routine is also a danger to your dog. You might think that your dog doesn’t usually try to eat string or thread, but dental floss is different. Many dogs love the taste and smell of mint, which is what most types of dental floss are coated with. So they sniff it out and eat it, usually from the bin in your bathroom, or if it’s been left on the countertop or accidentally fallen on the floor. Unfortunately, this can have awful consequences. Often, the dental floss will just pass through the dog’s digestive system as food usually would, but occasionally, it can wrap itself around important parts of your dog’s anatomy and cause huge internal injury, even death. 

You don’t have to stop using dental floss. You just have to make sure that when you’ve finished with it, you put it in a bin that your dog cannot get to. 


There’s no doubt about it. Dogs love chocolate. And when you’re eating it they will be begging you for some.  But chocolate is very bad for dogs and in large enough quantities it can be fatal. 

Veterinary practices notice huge increases in emergency admissions around Easter and Christmas when houses have more chocolate around than usual. Don’t be tempted to feed your dog even a little as it can cause digestive issues even in small amounts. Keep all of your chocolate up high and away from where your dog can reach it. 

Final thoughts 

Dogs. like kids, will always find creative ways to make everyday objects a safety issue. Even if you’ve had dogs before, who hasn’t exhibited this kind of behavior such as eating plants, your next dog might be different, so stay alert. 

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