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New Puppy? Here is What You Need to Have at Home

When you decide to get a new puppy, it is a very exciting time. There is a lot to think about and you might discover that you have forgotten to pick some things up when you are preparing for your new arrival. So, what should you have in the house for your new puppy? Here is a quick guide that you can grab before they come home

A Bed

The place that your puppy sleeps is important and they will need their own bed. They might end up sleeping at the end of your bed or on the sofa but there is no reason why they shouldn’t have their own place to sleep. You can choose from some of the best dog beds on amazon and have them delivered to your door. Be warned, during the puppy stage, you might find that they enjoy eating their bed so you might want to make peace with having to buy a new bed every so often.


Puppies love to chew and if you don’t want them to make a meal out of your favourite shoes, you need to ensure that they have some toys. Of course, they might still decide to chew up something but you can reduce the odds by providing them with a selection of toys. These can come in a range of sizes and textures so don’t be afraid to experiment with the range in store. You will also need to replace the toys when they are damaged and broken to avoid them swallowing parts. This can be an expensive trip to the vet to get it removed. You also need to ensure that the toys that you pick are suitable for the breed and size of the dog. If the toys are too small, they could be a choking hazard.

Lead and Collar

There is a good chance that the place that you are getting your puppy will provide a lead for you. However, there is a good chance that you will have a vision about how your dog will dress, including the lead and collar that they will use. If you would like to buy a new collar straight away, there are no issues with it. However, you should make sure that you have a name tag at the ready so that they can be identified if they slip away from you before you have their microchip data updated.


If you are picking up a rescue puppy, there is a good chance that they have been eating whatever the shelter has had on hand. If they are from a dog breeder, they should come with some food so that you can transition them to the food that you want. It is important to listen to the person that you are getting the dog off as they can give you the best guidance as to how they have been eating and what appears to be working well for them. When it comes to food, don’t forget to add some treats to the trolley.

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