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Money Saving Tips For Caring Dog Owners

Did you know the average cost of dog ownership can run beyond $30,000? It’s a lot of money in anyone’s book, regardless of their personal income. And, many of those costs are unavoidable if you want to make sure that your dog lives a happy and healthy life. However, it is still possible for a caring, responsible dog owner to trim off some of the excesses. As individual savings, they won’t add up to much, but tie them together and you can save a significant amount. Let’s take a closer look.

Don’t skimp on prevention

One area you should never save on is your pet insurance. The same can be said for vaccinations, neutering, and regular veterinary checks. You might save a few dollars over the course of a month, but when you don’t invest in preventative measures, you can’t be surprised when you get enormous bills for treatment. The more cover you have, the less it will hurt your finances should your beloved pet get an illness.

Train your dog

Training your dog will help them avoid nasty – and expensive – accidents. It’s not just vetting visits that will hit you in the pocket, either. Untrained dogs will often cause damage to other people’s property, and you could leave yourself open to a lot of compensation. It’s also worth pointing out that when you don’t train your dog, you are more likely to return them to a shelter. It puts an enormous strain on their resources, and there’s no excuses.

Buy quality, unbranded food products

First of all, don’t give into the temptation from pet food advertisements. The vast majority of dog food is made from the same ingredients, and you will always end up paying more for a brand name. You should think about buying in bulk, too. Outlets such as Costco sell bulk products for much bigger discounts than you will get at your local pet food store. Another quick tip is to make sure you are feeding your dog the right amount. Too much food and they will get overweight, which can lead to various conditions. So, not only will you spend less, but you will also be protecting your dog from future health problems.

Cut back on the accessories

Many pet owners love buying their pets new things, from fantastic dog coats to new toys. The trouble is, these are all wildly expensive for what they achieve. You are far better off avoiding needless accessories and keeping things to a minimum instead. There’s room for the best indestructible dog toys here, of course – but two or three is enough if you rotate them when your dog gets bored. You can also think about creating your own toys – many dogs are just as happy with an old child’s teddy as they are with anything else.

Learn how to groom

The dog grooming industry has never been bigger. But, it is wildly expensive if you are using a grooming service every few weeks or so. There is nothing to stop you from learning the basics and doing it yourself. Not only will it save you a fortune, but it is good bonding time between you and your dog. And, of course, you will be helping them maintain their nails and coat to keep them in optimum health.

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