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Keeping Your Floors Clean – Dog Owner Tips

Who doesn’t love pets? Our pets bring us so much joy and light, hence, we love to keep them as close to us as possible. We want them on our beds; we want them in our living room, and in almost every corner of our home. Though this may seem like a paradise for a pet-lover, maintaining a home with pets around is not a walk in the park. Keeping the floors neat, clean, and pleasant smelling can be a challenge too. So we have come up with the most effective ways to keep your floors clean even with your furry pets around. 

How to Keep Your Floors Clean with Pets Around

Having pets around should be a pleasant experience for you. It should not add to your daily stress and frustrations. Pick up one or two of the tips below to make sure you get the best experience with your pets. 

Use Mats

Your pets can go around as much as they want whether it is inside or outside the house. Since you cannot control where they land their paws on, it would be wise to use mats strategically. Start by putting mats in your doorsteps to minimize the amount of dirt and contaminants from being swept into your home. Place them in areas like in front of your doorsteps, in the bathrooms, or before any of the rooms in your home. In this way, you are not left to clean up with heavy stains or dirt that will take you hours to clean. 

Clean Your Pets’ Belongings

Whether you are aware of it or not, your pets’ things can collect dirt, dust, hair, or any type of contaminant as they are being used. This means that all their articles and accessories should be cleaned from time to time to prevent them from adding up to the mess that you are to clean on your floors. This can be your pet’s collar, clothes, beds, or toys. As your pets use these, dust, dirt, and hair can fall and set on it. By cleaning these regularly, those dirt, debris, and hair won’t be scattered throughout your floors anymore. 

Bathe and Groom Your Pets Regularly

If you want your floors clean, you have to make sure that your pets are clean first. Cleaning and grooming are important because this has a lot to do with how your pets are able to create a mess. Just imagine your pet having overgrown hair and nails, the moment he or she walks on a muddy or dusty surface, your pets take all of it with him. The same applies when they are eating or playing. Hence, we should always maintain our pet’s grooming and hygiene so we can keep our floors neat and clean too. 

Invest in a Reliable Vacuum Cleaner or Lint Roller

Most of our pets have their shedding season and when this occurs, you may have trouble getting rid of hair that may fall on different surfaces. Their hair often comes with dirt, dust, or other debris so when it comes off, you can guarantee that it requires more cleaning. This is a frustrating problem that you have to face on a daily basis. And so, to help you remove pet hair stuck deep in carpets, you should have a reliable lint roller and a high-quality vacuum cleaner that you can use to suction everything clean. This equipment comes in different shapes, sizes, and suction power. Make sure to get one that fits your needs. If you are to clean a huge floor area for a prolonged time, it is recommended that you get one with the best quality. 

Choose Your Sofa’s Material

If your pet is used to resting or lounging on your sofa, it is ideal to get a couch cover with a material that facilitates easier cleaning. There are some materials that are more prone to catching dust, dirt, and hair. These magnet-like materials can collect as much as it can and end up trashing your floor over time. With this being said, opt for a material that does not facilitate dirt and hair accumulation. 

Allocate a Space for Your Pet

If you do not have the time and energy to clean up every day, one good way to spare you from problematic cleaning is to create a space designated for your pet. Choose a room that has easy-to-clean floors. You can also limit your pet’s legroom and space so you can lessen the floor area that needs cleaning.

Attend to Mess Quickly

The common reason why a lot of pet owners have problems cleaning their floors is that they do not attend to messes immediately. If your pet’s paw stains are visible on your floor, make sure to clean it up before it settles. Dirt, dust, and accumulated hair can be hard to clean if unattended to overtime. Make sure to keep high-quality cleaning tools within reach to make it easier for you to do. 


Having pets around instantly brightens and lightens up the mood in every setting. Owning a pet is easy, but dealing with the responsibilities of being a pet owner is quite a task. Cleaning floors with pets on the sidelines is definitely a challenge, but this should never get in the way of the joy and experience you get from them. Try doing one or two more of the tips mentioned above and expect to have an easier time keeping your floors clean.

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