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Keeping Your Dog Safe in Public This Winter

The temperature may have dropped and the weather conditions may be less than favorable. But regardless of the elements, your four legged friend is still going to be in need of a good walk every day. But how do you go about ensuring that they are comfortable and safe outside of the house this winter? Here’s everything you need to know!


Keep Your Pooch on a Lead

This rule goes at any time of year. Your dog may be well behaved and follow your commands, but it’s not necessarily their behavior that you need to be concerned about. It’s the behavior of those around you on your walk.

Firstly, you can never be sure how other’s dogs will react to your pup heading on over for a good sniff and attempt to play. Not all dogs are sociable and there are several out there who aren’t appreciative of the company of other animals. Even if they are on a lead, you may not be able to get over fast enough to help your dog out of the way before a predicament ensues. Once dogs start scrapping, things can escalate and get out of control quickly: both will be acting in defense and (excuse the pun) it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. There are no rules in the animal kingdom and you could end up with huge vets bills following injuries and a case with a dog bite accident lawyer before you know it. That’s not to mention the pain your pup would be in too! So, keep them on a lead and then they are always close at hand for you to intervene in negative situations before they develop.


Consider a Muzzle

If your dog is anti social with other dogs, you may be well aware that many people sadly do not follow the aforementioned piece of advice. So, if your canine pal is prone to snapping or biting, consider investing in a muzzle. This will prevent them from causing injury to any other dogs or people while you are out of the house.


Be Vigilant When Crossing Roads

There’s more traffic on the roads at this time of year. Especially during rush hour or around store closing times. So be extra vigilant when crossing the roads. Try to use designated crossings where possible and give yourself plenty of time to get from one side to the other without rushing. Ice and wet floors can lead to mid-road slips and trips, which could easily prove to be extremely dangerous.


Wrap Up

Most dogs will be fine with a short brisk work in chilly weather. But certain breeds do tend to need a little TLC and special treatment. Greyhounds and other slim dogs tend to shiver and shake when temperatures drop below a certain degree. So invest in doggy jumpers or jackets to keep them as comfortable as possible.


Watch Out for Glass

With festivities and celebrations, there also unfortunately tends to be more broken glass in the streets. So just keep an eye out for glints of glass. These can also be hidden under leaves and snow, so be extra careful! You don’t want your pup to accidentally tread in any!


These are just a few steps that can make your pup’s winter walks as safe and comfortable as can be. They’re easy to enforce and most don’t even require any extra financial investment.

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