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Keeping Your Dog Healthy In Five Simple Steps

Take Care Of Your Dog’s Teeth

Thankfully, dogs are less prone to cavities than people are, but this doesn’t mean that you should neglect your faithful pup’s teeth. Buy a doggy toothbrush and doggy toothpaste and start to carefully brush your dog’s teeth. If you have your dog from a young age, make sure to start them off young so they get used to it. If your dog is upset by having his teeth brushed, do it when he’s relaxed and tired after a long walk. It can sometimes be hard to pick up when your dog has tooth pain, so make sure your vet checks his teeth regularly and that you treat any problems immediately.

Feed Your Dog A Good Diet

Like humans, you should make sure that your dog eats the correct diet for him. If your dog is larger and more active then naturally he’ll need more food than a small lapdog, so make sure that you feed accordingly. Check the side of your chosen dog food for portion size, and look online to learn more about dog food and which is best for your pup. You need to make sure that your dog’s getting the right mixture of vitamins and nutrients in his diet, so make sure that the label says that it’s suitable for adult maintenance.

Keep Your Dog Fit And Healthy

Of course, all dogs need plenty of exercise to stay fit and healthy – just like people! If your dog is large and active then chances are he’ll need an hour’s walk at least twice a day, whereas if your dog is small or elderly then you might get away with just walking around the block a couple of times. Take your dog hiking with you, and find dog parks and beaches that are dog friendly so he can go swimming and interact with other dogs to improve his social skills.

Keep Your Dog Safe In Your Home

You need to ensure that your home is a safe place for your dog to live in. Make sure that it isn’t possible for him to jump over or burrow beneath the fences in your back yard, and make sure that he has good recall before you let him off the leash in a dog park. You should also make sure that he walks well on the leash so that he’s safe in the street. Remember that a lot of human food like chocolate and avocados are toxic to dogs, and keep them well hidden along with any cleaning products.

Help Your Dog Stay Happy

Dogs are very clever and sociable creatures who are eager to please and often get easily bored so in order to keep them healthy and happy, you should spend as much time with your dog as you possibly can. Take him to obedience classes and then teach him tricks at home, and make sure that you spend a good amount of each day playing with your dog and stroking him. Make sure you give your dog proper focus instead of half watching TV or playing with your phone – he’s giving you all his attention so he deserves yours too.

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