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Is your dog safe in the car?

Olney, MD – Piper’s Walk is a dog walking event with a mission to spread awareness for canine safety in vehicles, while raising funds for the Center for Pet Safety. Come take an energizing walk, then explore a festival of doggy activities and resources. It will be held on June 23, 2018 from 8:30am to 12:00pm at Fair Hill Shopping Center in Olney, MD. All dog lovers are encouraged to attend. You do not have bring a dog to participate, although dogs are certainly welcome!

On any typical day, big dogs hang out in the backseat, ears flapping in the wind, and little dogs sit on their owner’s laps. Few have a harness or crate. But what happens in an accident? Will your dog be safe? The Center for Pet Safety does excellent work on crash testing safety restraints for dogs, and have approved four brands which stood up to their quality standards.

The inspiration behind Piper’s Walk came from a special chocolate labrador retriever named Piper. Piper’s sweet demeanor brought her on a journey to obtain Canine Good Citizen status, with the goal of becoming a therapy dog. She thrived on play, barking with excitement at the mere thought of fetch or swimming. Most of all, she loved her humans, and who fiercely loved her back. However, a terrible car accident brought this life to a halt. In the crash, Piper broke her spine, leaving her instantly paralyzed. Her family had to say goodbye. Despite all the love and care that Piper had, her owners never realized that safety restraints existed for dogs. Only after this tragedy did it come to light. Piper’s Walk strives to prevent future canine injuries and/or fatalities in car accidents, by spreading awareness to the dog community about the products available to keep man’s best friend safe.

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