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Is It Safe To Share Your Food With Your Pet?

Dogs are irresistibly adorable, especially when they beg every time you sit down for a meal. It’s going to be tempting to give them a portion of whatever is on your plate, but you need to stop and think if your food is safe for them to eat.

As you already know, certain types of food aren’t good for your dog, and there are some that are downright toxic. Of course, there are also some fruits, vegetables, and meats that are perfectly safe for your dog. Some of these are extremely healthy and nutritious for canines.

In the past, you might’ve torn off a piece from a sandwich you’re eating and given it to your dog. You may have also thrown them some of the potato chips you were munching on. While you might think it’s completely harmless to give them a small amount of your food, you can’t be entirely sure. That’s why it’s necessary to learn more about what you can feed your four-legged friend. Take a closer look at the list below to discover what makes a meal safe or unsafe for dogs.

Human Food Is Prepared Differently 

Most of the meals that people eat are prepared using various ingredients. The way you prepare your dog’s meal is different from how you cook your own. It’s common for people to add a lot of salt, onions, garlic, and all kinds of seasonings to dishes. While all those things will allow you to make a tasty meal for you and your loved ones, they’re toxic to any dog.

Food That Is Toxic To Dogs 

As mentioned, there are certain types of food that your dog shouldn’t eat, but they might be difficult to remember. If you’re not careful, you might mindlessly share a piece of whatever you’re eating with your dog, thinking that it’s alright. But then later on you’ll remember that you shouldn’t have done that.

People love to snack on cookies, licorice, and marshmallows, but they’re incredibly sugary. According to Pawster, you can feed your dogs some marshmallow, but only if you give them a small piece. It can be confusing which snacks are okay for canines, so one thing you can do is to print out this list and place it on the door of your fridge:


Cooking Meals For You And Your Dog 

Cooking at home gives you more control over what you put in your food. This way, you can prepare it so that it’s also good and safe for your pet dog to consume. You should cut down on sodium, avoid garlic and onions, and skip the ingredients listed above. However, considering how different people’s and dog’s taste buds are, the resulting dish probably won’t be that delicious for you.

You Do Not Know What Is In Takeout 

People love takeout because of the variety and convenience it provides. But whether it’s from a fast-food joint or a high-end restaurant, it’s hard to know precisely what’s in takeout food or how it was prepared. This is why people with allergies always have to ask about the ingredients before they order something.

Not knowing what’s in your food is what makes it dangerous to feed your dogs. Even if you can somehow pick certain dishes that might be okay for your canine, it’s still risky, especially if the food is too salty or sweet.

Dog-Safe Food 

There are certain foods you and your pet dog can snack on together. Thankfully, these aren’t difficult to prepare. Usually, you’ll only need to boil, steam, wash, or slice them before you can feed them to your canine companions. Here are some of the foods you can share with them:


It’s much better to choose the right food for your dog instead of giving them what you’re eating. There are a lot of ingredients that aren’t safe for them, so it’s always a risk to feed them whatever’s on your plate. Make it a point to prepare food for your dogs separately instead, which shouldn’t be too hard because most of what they can eat is fresh, not manufactured, or requires very few ingredients.

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