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If You’re Happy And You Know It Wag Your Tail

How do you know if a dog is happy? You might say that if it’s wagging its tail and it’s high up in the air, your dog is as happy as it can be. But does that mean that when your woof woofs tail isn’t wagging, he’s automatically miserable? Of course not, he might just be completely exhausted after a long, fun run in the park. Or, perhaps he hasn’t woken up fully and is wandering down from the bed to his food bowl on autopilot.

And even if your dog’s tail is wagging, that doesn’t necessarily means he’s ecstatic. He might still have issues that are making him upset, but he’s choosing to persevere through them. For instance, dogs hate fleas just as much as their owners. They don’t like being itchy all the time, but that’s not going to stop them racing around the park like it’s the best day of their life.

Perhaps then the best way to check on your dog’s mood is to know what makes them upset and that way you’ll be able to recognize the signs.

Bored On A Dull Rainy Day

We’ve all been guilty of this as dog owners at some point. You look out the window to see the heavens and opened, and while your dog is desperate to get his daily exercise, you’re reluctant to brave the monstrous weather. You’re not alone, and a lot of dogs miss their daily walk when the weather is atrocious. However, they’ll probably forgive you once or twice as long as you do something with them.

You can play tug of war on the carpet, play wrestle like other dogs and pups do or give some attention to their favorite toy. Anything like this is sure to keep your dog happy and content even if it’s just for a couple hours. You’ll know if a dog is unhappy because they’ll lie down but they will constantly stare at you, and it could take a while before they finally succumb to the napping urge.

Not Quite Like Us

You might love treating your furry friend with human food and share your dinner with them. It’s a sweet gesture, and it certainly might make the dog feel equal if that’s not what you want. However, it will also mean that they expect part of your dinner every time you eat and this can lead to problems. It’s not just about begging at the table either.

Dogs can have different reactions to certain foods. It can make their skin itch or cause hair to fall out. It can even lead to scabs developing on the skin. So, if your dog looks very sorry for himself, you might want to think about the food choices you’re feeding him. It’s possibly a diet issue that needs sorting out. Generally speaking, there’s a reason why vets recommend you feed dogs, dog food.

Serious Signs

Finally, there’s one way that dogs are like humans. They have their mood swings, and it’s not always clear why. There are a few signs that you need to watch out for that show dog is actually miserable. He might stop eating or drinking, he might seem lethargic, or he could act out damaging your property. Finally, he might constantly be biting, itching or clawing at his skin. Any issues like this are serious and require a trip to the vet to find out what’s upsetting your little friend.

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