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How You Could Be Accidentally Harming Your Cat

People say that dogs are man’s best friend, but many would disagree and say that their cat is the best friend they could ask for. If you love your cat, you’re sure to want to do the best to care for him or her. However, even if you’re doing your best to look after your kitty, you could accidentally be harming them. If you want to avoid harming your car in any way, even if it’s an accident, take note of these things you could be doing wrong.

Leaving Your Cat Loose in the Car

Cats often need to go on short trips and occasionally longer ones. Taking them in the car is often the most sensible thing to do, but many people let their cat sit on their lap on on the back seat. This is not only dangerous to both you and your cat, but it could be stressing your cat out too. Your cat is better off in a carrier, which should be secured so it stays in place if you have to stop suddenly.

Making Your Cat Stressed Out

There are many ways you could accidentally stress out your cat without even realizing it. You don’t mean to, but you don’t speak cat. One of the things you might do wrong is giving them too much eye contact, which can be uncomfortable for cats.

Letting Your Cat Lick Your Plate

Everyone has been bothered by a cat hovering over them while they try to eat. You might think there’s no harm in slipping your cat some of your dinner, but you need to be careful. Some human foods are good for them, but others could be toxic.[spacer height=”20px”]

Angela’s Cat Care Guide to Toxic Cat Foods

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