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How You Can Make Old Cats Happier

Old cats are often associated with being more unapproachable and loving them new cats and kittens. This is due to their age and lack of energy. However, remember that all cats need and want love. If you feel your cat is getting old and grumpier, it’s not you, it’s their age. They just need a pick-me-up from time to time and more gentle care and attention. Here’s more on how to make your old cat happier.

Don’t forget the toys

Any cat, old or young, will love toys. Although older cats tend to show less interest, if you find the right toy or bring back an old favorite, it might just put a smile on their furry face. Make sure to be gentle when playing as they will be more fragile, but being playful and giving them attention through games will bring back old memories and make them feel loved. You can discover more about breeds and the toys they love on Carefree Cat Co.

Give them your time

Like any living being, attention helps you feel loved and thought of. Old cats will love it if you spend some quality time with them. Even if it’s brushing their hair or sitting them on your lap when you read, they will appreciate it.

Provide a happy home

Pets thrive off happy homes. Old cats like predictability and routine. Happy home means a bed, plenty of food, and love. Old cats will be happy if you keep your house warm. Identify where your cat likes to hang out and try to keep this space warm and free of drafts. Move your cat’s bed to a space that is easy for you to keep warm, if necessary. For example, you could place your cat’s bed next to a radiator and see if they’re happy there. Avoid changing your routine as much as possible to make your old cat happy because it is sometimes hard for older cats to deal with change.

Raise the food station

Your old cat might have trouble bending down to eat from its food bowl and no cat will be happy if it can’t eat. It’s a good idea to place your cat’s food bowl on a raised platform to help it. Buy a specifically designed raised feeder or simply place the bowl on something that elevates it. The benefit of buying a raised feeder is that the bowl won’t slip or fall off the platform as your cat eats from it.

Add nightlights around your home

Old cats can often have trouble seeing. They sometimes like to roam in the night to stretch, eat, or grab a drink, so enhancing the evening light will help them see and feel more comfortable. It will also help them feel safe as they will able to see and navigate their surroundings.

Don’t introduce new pets

Although new kittens are irresistible, try avoiding getting a new pet if your cat is fairly old and irritated by new things. A new kitten adds noise and fuss to home and old cats like calm environments.

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