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How to Rocket the Potential of your Dog Walking Business


When you operate a pet-sitting service, it may be very easy for you to operate a walking service as well. This is a great way for you to make more money and it is also a great way for you to connect with more potential customers on a daily basis.

Promote Dog Walks

The first thing that you can do to try and promote your dog walking service is to try and get on social media or even a website. You could benefit from some pet business web design and branding here, and you also need to make it clear that you offer it as a service. Remember that you only have a couple of seconds to capture someone’s attention when they land on your site, and if you are not able to capture their attention right away then they will probably leave your site. This will hurt you tremendously and it can also cause you to have a very high bounce rate, something that you will want to avoid at all cost.

Blog about It

The word blog is often seen as being white noise right now. Nobody seems to be paying as much attention to it as they should, but it can really help with the potential of your company. The main thing that you have to do here is make sure that you don’t keyword stuff. This won’t help you to get anywhere and it can really set you back in terms of your website ranking. If you want to avoid all of this then you need to make sure that you are promoting the right content and at the right time. You also need to make sure that you are taking into account the resources of your site, the information your customers are looking for and finally great topics that are shareable.

Bark your Way to the Top

Have you ever had a client who has dogs next door, who are constantly barking? This can get annoying but this is also a great way for you to capitalize on an opportunity. In this instance, you should post a business card through the door and put a note saying that you heard the dog barking from next door and that you’d like to help. Some people may even be willing to give you a key or leave the door open so that you can go and give the dog a walk during the afternoon and this is a great way for you connect with new people who need help.

Vets are your Friend

Vets are reputable people, so it helps to have the endorsement of a vet in your area. One way for you to do this would be for you to just talk to them about what they can offer you. You’ll want to see if they can give you some support in regards to the work you’re doing and you may even be able to get more business by advertising your services inside their practice. A business card is all it takes to get your name out there, and what better place to do this than at the vets?

Lastly, keep financial issues as uncomplicated as possible. Take a look at a simple monthly budget template which will help keep track of all of your business expenses, set money aside for savings as well as schedule your monthly bill payments.

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