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How To Make Good Health & Grooming More Fun For Your Dog

As a pet owner, you always want to do what’s best for your pup – even if that means giving them what they need rather than what they want. Nonetheless, you’d rather avoid the ongoing battles if possible. Not least when dealing with the continued challenges of health and grooming. Injecting the fun factor will make a life a lot better for the whole family. Here are some simple steps to get it right.

Create Rewarding Games

Nutrition is a massive part of your dog’s life. Firstly, it’s great for maintaining a good weight. The right foods and supplements can also reduce the threat of osteoarthritis and related conditions. If it’s a struggle to get your dog to eat certain nutritional items, turn it into a game. Make your dog work for the food by setting up little courses or using other brain teasing games. Once your pup finds the food, they’ll happily wolf it down without thinking about what’s inside. It’s great for mental and cognitive development too.

Enjoy Trips To The Dog Parlor

Good grooming isn’t just about daily care. Your pup deserves special care for their coat, as well as nail clipping, and dental care. Make a fuss of your dog by visiting a professional pet wash service that also includes a chance to buy a new toy or dog treats. The combination of a trip out, special treat, and extra care should go down a treat. Turn it into a monthly occurrence and the pup will soon embrace the winning habit as a part of their routine. Once this happens, the days of stressing about this will soon end.

Focus On Exercise

Regular exercise is central to your pup’s general health in terms of mental development as well as physical development. Therefore, you must place extra attention on daily runs. Dogs need a combination of their favorite routes and new adventures. Try to find destinations where you can enjoy the scenery too, as you deserve to enjoy it too. If your dog is a breed that is known to suffer joint problems, opting for locations with softer ground is highly advised to prevent long-term problems.

Invest In Quality Items

When you take care of your own health and beauty routines, the choice of applicators and tools used can impact the experience. Guess what? It will do the same when handling your dog’s daily care. Whether it’s a dog toothbrush or a brush for their coat, good quality is essential. This will prevent discomfort, which naturally encourages your pup to enjoy a better relationship with the tasks. When combined with ingredients that are kind on them, you won’t go far wrong.

Use Bribery

There’s no doubting the power of bribery. Pups love to be showered with treats and praise. Reminding your pet that they’re a good boy or good girl will reinforce the positivity. In turn, your pup will learn to associate bath time or nail clipping time with happy moments. Crucially, you should play an active role in those activities. All dog breeds love to spend time with their owners, and your presence during these times will make a big difference. When combined with the other steps, you’ll have one happy pup. 

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